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Resistance off-line: Write until all are free! – Writing letters to prisoners – breaking the isolation

Writing letters is a weapon. Writing letters is resistance. Writing letters also works from home. But how?

Originally published by Barrikade Info.

Online vs. Offline

Social and political life in Switzerland is increasingly taking place online. Extensive corona measures have accelerated existing trends and online sessions, chat groups, Signal and other apps have become an integral part of social networks, interpersonal relationships and activist organisation.
In contrast, life in prison is mostly offline. Many prisoners hardly have any access to the Internet, some only limited access. Therefore the most important and often only means of communication is writing letters!


At the moment there is talk of solidarity everywhere. But what does this word actually still mean in Corona times? An anarchist practice should assume that the weakest are hit hardest and should show solidarity with those who are more exposed to the risks.
Prison inmates have much higher risks of becoming infected with Corona, of suffering a more serious progression of the disease and of receiving insufficient medical care. So far, few measures have been taken to protect prisoners. The few things that have been ordered by the authorities (such as contact blocks or a ban on going out) aggravate the isolation and psychological strain to which prisoners are allready exposed to an almost unbearable degree.

Against the habits

We call for breaking the isolation, that of the prisoners and our own.
By writing letters and postcards we can directly support people, send them sympathy and strength and show solidarity with their struggles for better conditions.
Writing a letter may be unfamiliar to some in these digital times…
…so let’s break the habits! Because every little gesture brings variety and support to people who have to endure these hard weeks in captivity.

How to beginn?

It can seem difficult to write to strangers for the first time. Therefore:
- fix a time for writing letters and write it down in your agenda
- tell friends about your project, motivate each other, exchange ideas
- arrange to meet in person or online to write together
- don’t put yourself under pressure to write something outstanding. The main thing is just to start, and if you’re really not satisfied at the end, just rewrite/draw it again

You can find even more tips on the ABC Berlin website: (DE/EN)

Who to write to?

You can find addresses of prisoners who are happy about mail here:………/


If you do not want to give your own address, you can use this address as the sender:
Infothek Furia c/o de_block
Waldmannstrasse 17
3027 Bern
You can also pick up your answers there, if you let us know by email that you expect mail.

If you don’t have the possibility to get letterhead and postcards or go to the mailbox, you can also write your letter as an email and send it to or with the messenger app signal at: 076 645 18 97. We will then print it out and send it.

Write to us encrypted if possible! PGP key:×5CA60BCDD0195610)

Write until all are free!

Links about the situation in prisons during corona

PS: thanks to ABC Berlin for the text template 😉


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