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No Border Kitchen #Lesvos: #Covid19 is used as an excuse to keep people in cages

Lesvos. Greece. Statement by No Border Kitchen Lesvos about the situation of migrants on the Greek island in times of the coronavirus.

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook page.

On the weekend, the greek minister of migration came to the island to perform a political sleight of hand magic show. Months after it became abundandtly clear that covid-19 would be a catastroph of epic proportions in places like Moria, the first “clinic area” was opened it’s ribbons cut by one of the assholes that is responsable for this sustaining this situation in the first place. In addition to that, 400 vunrable cases where transferred to the mainland. Photo’s where taken, handshakes where exchanged, rituals performed, fake smiles presented. Meanwhile the implentation of new “autonomous police facility” in Moria was announced. Supposedly for “any kind of violence” happening in the area. But who believes this, after already twice in a week’s time mobs where allowed to organise in the street despite restrictions on movement still in place, whilst migrants recieved multiple fines for not filling out their papers “correctly”. Who will believe this, after the violent putdown of a hunger strike some weeks ago? Who believes this, when we know exactly why the attack dogs of the state want. What they always want, to remind people that they are not free.

This further points towards a possible imminent closure of the camp.

Covid-19 is used as an excuse to keep people in cages, away from Mytillni. The easing of restricitions also means, that the xenophobic mobs are able to organise themselves again. And they did. With the visit from the minister, the once again blocked roads and occupied public spaces. It seems unavoidable to do solidarity work and be confronted with threats of violence. The violence seeps into everything on this Island. From the xenophobic threats to the conduct of the coastguard. The treatment of migrants by police to the passport checks at Lidl. The suicides to the deportations. All folded out of violence like it was an oregami bird.

The situation on this Island is one that is allowed to exist. We sacrifice people’s hope on the altar of politicians who’s careers are build on the ignorance and manufactured consent of us, the europeans. They try to make us think that is plausible that we need places like Moria to maintain our civilisation. That we need to keep people cattle. Starving, and dependent on the inadequate recources provided to them by the structurally racist nation-state structures. That this somehow safeguards our grand european democracy, with it’s symbolic equality and human rights. Nevermind that representative institutional democracies are itself build on a foundation of exclusion and historical lies. That’s it’s just part of the cost of having comfortable lives, and that we better not look. Sometimes we stare in uncomfortable silence, and make up apologies. But we allow it just the same, over and over again, whilst the price is so high. And it will become higher still, the longer the situation continues.

No Border Kitchen Lesvos, May 5, 2020.

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  1. […] Grèce, Lesbos. Le président est venu faire une opération de communication au camp de La Moria pour inaugurer une “zone médicale” dans le camp. Dans le même temps l’implantation d’une nouvelle “installation de police autonome” a été annoncée. Il s’agit de monter d’un cran la répression contre les migrants qui sont déjà harcelés dès qu’il sortent du campement, ont été de nombreuses fois verbalisés et ont organisé plusieurs manifestations pour protester contre leur situation. L’assouplissement des conditions des restructions de confinement risque par ailleurs de permettre aux militants racistes présents sur l’île d’attaquer plus facilement les migrants. Des militants de la No Border Kitchen Lesvos craignent que ces mesures annoncent une fermeture imminente du camp. Leur communiqué est à lire ici. […]

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