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Statement by #IWW #Zurich after the arrest of several members on #MayDay

Zurich Switzerland. Several members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Zurich chapter were arrested on May 1 and held in solitary confinement for a longer period of time. Individuals were threatened with criminal proceedings. All were expelled from the inner city area

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

On May 1, 2020, the IWW Zurich wanted to show solidarity with workers, exacerbated by the corona crisis, but who are also generally in conflict and struggle at their workplaces. We were careful to move in groups of less than 5 people and to keep a proper distance from each other.

During our inspection respectively arrest it remained unclear what the reason was, despite enquiries. The statements were “May 1st”, “You know why” and “violation of the Covid regulation”. Also the threatened consequences turned out to be somewhat wild: At least one fine has been imposed, others are being charged, and still others have been released without comment except for the expulsion. The reasons are different and absolutely arbitrary. In addition, the police has once again shown itself to us from the most racist and sexist side and has insulted individual members during the arrest.

The IWW is outraged at the arbitrariness and absurdity of the Covid-19 regulations on May 1st. The so-called Corona crisis does not affect everyone in the same way and we already know that class divisions are aggravated by it.

When if not on May 1st, should we show solidarity with people who report daily to the Corona-Solifon, which we help to support, because they feel threatened in their very existence by the pandemic and the bosses?

In retrospect, the purpose of the police action is clear. It was politically motivated and was pure actionism. Because after May 1st, the police wanted to show an arrest statistic, activists moving peacefully in small groups were arbitrarily arrested under the pretext of the Covid decree.

An attack against one is an attack against all!

IWW Zurich, May 2020.

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