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Class War Daily 12 May 2020: “Don’t go back to work”

UK. The prime minister’s address to the nation yesterday showed just how desperate the government is at saving capitalism. The boss’s profits rely on the rest of us working and the last 7 weeks have made them all get very jittery. How few of them have slashed their own wages while making people redundant? How many of them have suffered
lockdown in the big houses and gardens?

Originally published by Class War Daily.

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Monday 12 May 2020: here (pdf file).

The PM claimed that in the future the lockdown will be based on an alert system where the lowest level meant that the
UK was free of the virus and the highest level meant an imminent danger to us all. There’s a slight problem with this. It can take up to 14 days for people to show symptoms of Covid19, meaning that it is impossible to have an accurate picture of how many people in any area actually has the virus. The alert level could be low but the danger may be

The only safe level is the lowest alert level. The only work that should take place is essential work. Workers doing essential jobs are doing us all proud and with the mutual aid taking place it is groups of essential workers and people acting out of kindness and solidarity that have kept us all safe. That should continue. But go back to work if you’re not an essential worker? Stay in bed and protect your family and friends.

Look at what has happened in hospitals and care homes. The death levels are now over 50,000 and this government said they would be doing well if they kept them below 20,000. Johnson came to power after winning a Tory leadership contest during which he said he had a plan for social care. He never told anyone what that plans was. It’s still a mystery. Going further back, in 2017 Theresa May announced her social care policy but it had to be abandoned after it was labelled the “dementia tax”. For a decade the Tories have inflicted austerity and run social care and the NHS into the ground.

On Saturday an article in The Guardian by an expert on viruses explained the concept of ‘harvesting’. This is a word used by experts to describe the number of people that succumb to a virus in excess of the normal death rate for the time of year. It is clear that the government has allowed a lot of vulnerable people to be harvested by Covid19. We know that their first idea was one of herd immunity and there were even conservatives who claimed this would be a good virus that came to ensure survival of the fittest. First herd immunity, then harvesting. We are not cattle, we are not crops.

We are all at risk of a second spike in fatalities. They would rather that happen than protect the public so we must protect ourselves and each other. We must carry on supporting all essential workers and we must resist the urge to go back to work. It simply isn’t safe. The government clearly think we will all just do what they tell us. The truth is that Johnson and his government have handled pretty much everything to do with the virus terribly and with disastrous results. From poor levels of testing, PPE shortages and now instigating quarantine 10 weeks too late, they have failed.

We must not let them think they are our masters. We have not survived this long to simply go back to normal.

Ten’s of thousands of people have died as a result of Coronavirus. In care homes Coronavirus is an epidemic The UK has the shame of having the most Coronavirus deaths figures in Europe.

But let us be clear. The government wanted as many to contract this virus as possible. In the words of Dominic Cummings a few months ago if many elderly people died of the virus too bad.

In other words. So what. That’s government thinking there.

In their eyes the more people who died they don’t have to provide pensions, social security, social care, healthcare. That’s their thinking.

They acted too late. The lockdown happened way too late. They knew a pandemic was coming 3 years ago and they didn’t do anything about it. Jeremy Hunt the then healthcare secretary cut the orders for PPE those decisions have cost thousands of lives. We remember them. We mourn with each family who has lost a loved one.

We must hold this government to account. For their failings over Coronavirus. For the appalling death total which continues to rise.

But we must also hold them to account for the appalling austerity record as well.

I will now add this, while Captain Tom Moore fundraising has been a great achievement, look at it another way. The government has grossly underfunded the NHS for years. Slowly privatising it. Remember 1 in 4 MPs Tories that is have vested interests in private health care providers.

Raising money for NHS charities sets a dangerous precedent. It will come to the point where the government will say we don’t need to fund the NHS. The public can raise money by setting up go fund me pages and raising money. The money raised is going where the government will direct it. Just remember how much goes in admin fees. 95p for
every £1 raised.

We pay for the NHS from our National Insurance Contributions. It shouldn’t be down to members of the public to walk laps in his garden raising money for it. It’s the government who should be properly funding our healthcare service.

Hold them to account for the mass underfunding of the NHS Hold them to account for cuts to nursing staff Hold them to account for cuts to doctors Hold them to account for not giving the nurses a pay rise and laughing about it as they did so Hold them to account for every Coronavirus death Hold them to account for every bad decision made.

Most of all, stop this sycophantic clapping for the NHS every Thursday. You are feeding into the government rhetoric nicely and not holding them to account.

The NHS do not want claps. They want decent pay, decent staff numbers, nurses bursaries returned and they need proper PPE that protects them as they do their job.

They also want this; if you voted Tory in 2019, 2017,2015 or even 2010 STOP

By voting for them you are abetting the privatisation of the NHS. You are abetting the abolition of our welfare state. By
not holding this government to account for their appalling record and letting them get away with it is abetting them.

Mourn the victims and their families of Coronavirus. Light a candle for them at 8pm. Because life will never be the same again for them.

Many will go about their lives when this is over. Lockdown in the past. Pandemic In the past. Going to the pub. The restaurant. Concerts.

Many will still no doubt vote for a government like this.

There’s only one message I have for you if you do. You are just of guilty of the deaths of human beings as they are because you voted for it and allowed it to happen.

There’s no Great in Britain anymore. Just selfishness and greed. That’s to all our shame.

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