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Comrade Malik: We are Humyn Beings!

Another statement by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington  (IWOC): We are Humyn Beings!

Submitted to Enough 14. Written by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington.

We are Humyn Beings!!!

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Revolutionary Greetings Fellow Workers and comrades all over the World!!

“Nothing Lasts.

Relationships end.

Friends die.

Even Capitalism will be history someday.

It’s what we do to re-awaken each other that matters.

Breathing life into self organization, the working actuality of freedom.

That’s the victory, the revolution,

The Truth of Power: That we know how to create lives worth living.

Knowing that such moments, too, won’t last.

CINDY MILSTEIN  an excerpt from:


More and more people are becoming aware and supporting our Solidarity Actions which seek to support the Prisoner Humyn Rights Struggle.    The Momentum is building and what happened on May 7th is only a preview for things to come.

May 7th was the First Action that will usher in our 2020 Prisoner Humyn Rights Movement and Actions—Black August is approaching fast.

Amani Sawari of Jail House Lawyers Speak is our Sister in Struggle!!

Brianna Peril and Brooke Terpestra of IWOC–they are our Sisters in Struggle!

Nikki and Moana the Queens of Unheard Voices of the Concrete Jungle are our Sisters in Struggle!!

Tia Hamilton of State vs. Us Magazine is most definitely our Sister in Struggle!!

And last but certainly not least My Soul Mate Nube Brown and her comrade Kim Pollak of California Prison focus are our Sisters in Struggle!!

In regard to our Prison Abolition Movement, we will only get what we put into it!

I work so hard for the People because tomorrow is no guarantee to anyone.

Many people scream for the creation of a New Utopian and Egalitarian Society, but very few want to embrace the sacrifices needed in order to bring this type of society about.

People are starving in Amerika and Farmers are throwing away Food and Milk–that could nourish bodies!!!

Meat Processing Plant workers are being threatened and coerced to return to a work environment that is totally unsafe.  The Facilities have become Hot Beds for Corona Virus!!  WE MUST SUPPORT THE WORKERS AND PROTECT THEM FROM THE CAPITALISTS!!!

Mom and Pop businesses are losing everything while the Fat Cats of Wall Street Laugh at their demise!!

Prisoners like me cry out to Federal Judges for Relief from the Cruel and Unusual Conditions created by this Pandemic.  Our pleas for help and intervention by the Federal Courts fall upon deaf ears!!

OVER 1 MILLION INFECTED AND OVER 75,000 DEAD!!!   Yet the U.S. Government says they are doing a SPECTACULAR JOB!!??


Sisters and Brothers, the Revolution won’t be televised.

The Mainstream Media will continue to ignore us or paint us as THE VILLAINS.  They are not with us!



Comrade Malik

Keith “Malik” Washington is assistant editor of the Bay View, studying and preparing to serve as editor after his release in 2021. He is also co-founder and chief spokesperson for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement, a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and an activist in the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign. Visit his website at Send our brother some love and light: Keith “Malik” Washington, 34481-037, USP Pollock, P.O. Box 2099, Pollock LA 71467.

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