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From Shine White – Call to action for Jaamall Oglesby

“Deliberate indifference entails something more than negligence, but is satisfied by something less than acts of omissions. For the very purpose of causing harm or with knowledge that harm will result. Thus, it is equivalent of acting recklessly.”

Submitted to Enough 14.

All Power to the People,

With the world enduring the COVID-19 crisis, cruel, corrupt, and inhumane living conditions within N.C.’s razor-wire plantations remain at an all-time high. The following injustice is an example of how dangerous our living conditions can be when our safety is in the hands of guards who act recklessly and with deliberate indifference to our safety.

On April 1st a komrade of mine, Jaamall Oglesby ( #0775767 ) was viciously stabbed in his left eye by another prisoner. This led to him being rushed to an outside hospital. The puncture wound underneath his eyebrow was stitched up at Wake Medical and he was then transferred to Duke Hospital by ambulance in an attempt to save his eye and his life.

What wasn’t known by Central Prison medical staff was that the ice pick Oglesby was stabled with had traveled through the globe of his eye and fractured the bone beneath, thus pinching a nerve which kept his heart rate at 23-27 beats per minute. Immediate surgery was needed but not possible due to the fear that Mr. Oglesby would go into cardiac arrest if put to sleep. Eventually by mid-day on April 3rd komrade Jaamall was cleared for surgery. He was advised that his eye would have to be removed before surgery, yet because of a better medical opinion he received the previous day of a 50/50 chance of recovery he chose to keep it and is doing all he can to heal, but is facing extreme, deliberate obstacles here at Central Prison at the hands of the Administration and medical personnel.

At the time of this incident Oglesby was and still remains in solitary confinement. I know the question many of you must be asking yourselves – How could this happen in solitary confinement? Now is where the waters we must navigate to uncover rampant corruption and unlawful policies and practices at Central Prison becomes murky and distorted, absurd lies are told by prison officials to cover their backsides.

The cell blocks here at Central Prison are made up of 16 single man cells, 8 cells upstairs and 8 cells below. You have Cell Block A (East and West wings which is two separate 16 single man cells), B, and C, all three cell blocks are comprised of East and West wings for a total of 6 cell blocks.

To suppress all communication with general population prisoners prison officials decided it was a good idea to permit one prisoner in each cell block janitorial duties, but these prisoners are exploited in order to occupy these positions of privilege. The unofficial title of this janitorial position is Run Man. The Run Man in every block acts as a junior officer of sorts. He helps cut officers workload by performing certain tasks.

The Run Man is expected to pass out supplies of necessity and institutional forms such as grievances, sick calls, paper, envelopes etc. The Run Man is thus given leverage over all other prisoners in his cell block. Some are even able to get any prisoners cell door opened at any time. Which is a security risk and violates Prisons policy and procedures. No doors are to be opened unless two guards are present.

A control booth sits in the middle of every cell block so the officer inside has a clear view of the East and West wings of each cell block.

Prior to the incident on April 1st Jaamall Oglesby and the Run Man for his block had a disagreement. Nothing unusual about this. It’s a part of prison culture, but the anger and resentment festered inside of the other prisoner until he conspired with the guard in the control booth of April 1st, Officer Tatum, to unsecure Oglesby’s cell door at lunch time.

At lunchtime Officer Tatum did unsecure Oglesby’s door who was lying in bed asleep, but he jumped to attention once he heard the cell door open and hurriedly stepped into his shoes.

He walked outside the cell, but no one was out there. For some reason the Run Man who had requested that Officer Tatum open Oglesby’s cell door had backed out of the attack. Oglesby re-entered his cell. Once the door was secured back, the Run Man was let out of his cell again. It is known by all staff that prisoners if given the opportunity can hide behind one of four large pillars in the block or in one of the two showers. Which pursuant to Prisons policy and procedures are to be secured at all times. Several fights in the past and hits orchestrated by staff have been carried out due to prisoners hiding in or behind these blind spots. This is why the policy of not opening any cell doors unless two staff members are present exists.

Once the Run Man was let out of his cell, he began to threaten Oglesby and boasting of how he could get to him at any time, even while he is asleep.

Oglesby is a level 3 mental health prisoner who has been incarcerated for 18 years, since he was 16 years old. He suffers from PTSD, paranoia, anxiety, and a host of other mental disorders associated with bipolar and manic depression disorders as well as longtime periods in solitary confinement.

Now conscious of the potential threat to his wellbeing, Oglesby became restless and anxious as the Run Man was boasting himself up to physically harm Oglesby.

As a standup prisoner Oglesby refused to request the help of staff, now aware that the Run Man was capable of getting Officer Tatum to unsecure any cell door, his back was against the wall and all he could do was wait.

Furthermore, after dinner on April 1st, Officer Tatum unsecured Oglesby’s cell door for the second time, but this time he was prepared for a potential attack. Immediately after his door was opened Oglesby ran out of his cell to face down any threat that may have been awaiting. Prior to this the Run Man had been flashing a homemade ice pick on Oglesby in an attempt to intimidate him. Knowing that the Run Man had an ice pick Oglesby had gained access to a weapon. Once out the door the Run Man noticed the weapon in Oglesby’s hand and knowing the battle would be on equal footing he took off running down the steps.

Oglesby gave chase simply because he had to take action and the threat to himself which could happen at a later date while again in a vulnerable position, like sleeping on his bunk as he was earlier that day. The two prisoners squared off at the bottom of the steps thrusting their knives at one another for several minutes as Officer Tatum failed to immediately call in a Code 4 Fight or Major Disturbance. By the time a Code 4 was called in by a staff member who happened to be walking by and the prison guards finally arrived. Oglesby had booked towards the staircase to escape the chemical mace that was sure to be deployed.

Due to a miscalculation of his steps Oglesby had tripped over a broom that had been left on the floor. This gave the Run Man an opening and he viciously stabbed in his left eye as I aforementioned.

Guards commenced to deploying chemical mace after seeing Oglesby had been seriously injured. He was mace by Officer Webster. Oglesby was placed in handcuffs and was escorted from the block to the Unit 1 nurse station where a nurse cleaned Oglesby’s eyes and placed a temporary bandage on his left eye.

As I aforesaid this occurred on April 1st. Today is April 22nd and the stitches in his eyebrow should have been removed between April 8th-11th yet they remain in his eyebrow untouched and unexamined by medical staff. He has had no follow up appointments by nurses or doctors here to explain his long term treatment plan or to discuss anything about his healing or recovery process. He is constantly expressing to me how much pain he is in. He was prescribed some Tylenol which has ran out. I myself have submitted several sick calls for him entreating that he be examined and prescribed some effective pain medications, all to no avail.

Those of you who follow my reporting are aware of the inadequate healthcare provided to prisoners here at Central Prison. It is the duty of NC DPS to ensure that all incarcerated individuals receive comprehensive and adequate healthcare to that available in the community and subject to the same standards and regulations of healthcare providers everywhere.

Healthcare professionals should be committed to ensuring adequate services are provided to all human beings and that should not be altered due to one’s incarceration.

Pursuant to NC DPS Policy and Procedure Manual Chapter E Section .0203 (b) titled Healthcare: “All employees involved in the delivery of healthcare services within the prisons shall treat all inmates who are receiving healthcare professionally and with dignity”.

Central Prison’s medical staff has acted with deliberate indifference and has failed to provide Oglesby with the proper medical services he deserves as a human being. Upon his return from Urgent Care he was placed in two cells that were filthy and denied clothing and his personal property. He has still not received his personal belongings as of this writing.

On April 6th he was given notice of a recommendation for 180 days on H-Con, Supermax. Which is the state’s highest security level of solitary confinement and consists of living conditions with the most inhumane restrictions on all contact and interactions with other human beings including medical staff and has no medical facilities equipped to treat severe injuries like what Oglesby sustained in the April 1st attack against him.

Komrades, Jaamall Oglesby is the victim here. He never requested staff to open his cell door so he could initiate any physical confrontation. He was only attempting to protect himself. This maleficence is being carried out to obscure the truth of staff corruption and the deliberate indifference which ended with a wanton act and unnecessary infliction of pain upon komrade Jaamall.

Komrades, both prison officials and medical staff here at Central Prison are acting with deliberate indifference. Knowing that Oglesby is in need of medical attention, their attempt to bury and conceal their wrongdoings with prolonged solitary confinement and punishment for him is obvious.

We must not act with deliberate indifference. We must act NOW! I entreat that all my support network get on the phones and apply outside pressure that will compel prison officials to act professionally and responsibly and take accountability for not supervising and training their staff on taking disciplinary action to curb staff corruption.

We must make sure komrades that Jaamall receives the proper medical care he is entitled to, and that he is not railroaded and placed on H-Con control status for defending himself.

By answering this call to action komrades I believe we can prevent a good brother and komrade whom I’ve known personally for 20 years from losing his eyesight or possibly his eye itself due to inadequate healthcare treatment and stop him from being demoted to an even worse solitary confinement prison known as Supermax. I entreat that you all have the same compassion for him that you would for me.

To address the negligent, reckless, deliberate indifference to his medical needs by medical personnel here at Central Prison, Terri Cutlett is the Deputy Director of Prison Health Services, should be blitzed with phone calls demanding Jaamall receive adequate healthcare for his severe eye injury, pain medicine to relieve his pain, and the removal of the stitches in his eyebrow.

They can be contacted at:

Brandeshawn Harris:

Terri Catlett:


Chad Lovett is the Chief Executive Officer of Central Prison Healthcare Complex. He oversees all medical personnel here at Central Prison. He can be reached at 919-733-0800.

To prevent komrade Jaamall’s transfer to Supermax I entreat that Brandshawn Harris Assistant Commissioner of Prisons and Shane Ferrington Restrictive Housing for Control Purpose & H-Con final authorizing authority be bombarded with phone calls nonstop questioning why Jaamall’s cell door opened twice in the same day at the order of another prisoner by their Subordinate Officer Tatum, which ultimately led to Jaamall’s injury.

I have no doubt that this call to action will be answered. For I have some very loyal komrades that I’m grateful for. Thank you all for your continued support for the struggle continues. I’m here, I’m alive, I’m struggling.

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win

All Power to the People

Minister of Defense

Joseph “Shine White” Stewart

White Panther Organization

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