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Women and Adherents of the Sexta Say “NO TO THE MAYA TRAIN!”

The Mexican government wants to create a railway loop to link Mayan archaeological sites and seaside resorts in eastern Mexico.

Originally published by Voices in Movement.


The Mexican government wants to create a railway loop to link Mayan archaeological sites and seaside resorts in eastern Mexico.

The indigenous populations have been struggling for several years against this deadly project and have already succeeded in suspending it. Today, May 14 [1], the Supreme Court of Justice of the Mexican Nation is due to rule on the final cancellation of the Maya Train and the mining operation.

Let’s support the struggle of the indigenous people of Chiapas, Yucatán, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Campeche and show the Supreme Court and the Mexican state that the opposition against the Mayan Train goes beyond the borders of Mexico!

It is by mobilizing all over the world that we will defeat this project. The destruction of the environment, the exploitation and plundering of land and people and the corruption concern us all: whether it takes place near us or millions miles from our country.

Why am I saying no to the Maya Train?

  1. It’s an ECOCIDE: it would devastate the environment of eastern Mexico.
  2. It is an ETHNOCIDE: it would disrupt relations between indigenous communities.
  3. It is an IMPOSED project. The Mexican State carried out consultations with the populations, but they were rigged, partial and biased.
  5. It UNDERMINES Mexican NATIONAL GOVERNANCE because it will benefit foreign capitalists.
  6. It promotes CORRUPTION of the government, PILLAGING for the benefit of big capitalists and VIOLENCE of organized crime, as other mega-projects have already shown.
  7. The work will mobilize thousands of workers in spite of the health measures needed in the current COVID-19 crisis.


[1] We didn’t find the final ruling of the supreme court from May 14. But we found 2 articles related to the Maya train project from May 15 which indicates the Mexican state wants to countinue with the project. In one of that articles, there is a report which says the National Human Rights Commission requested the National Tourism Development Fund (FONATUR) to implement precautionary measures to suspend non-essential activities related to the Maya Train Project. The second article titled: “Spanish-Mexican consortium wins Maya train stretch 3 with US$400mn bid.” Enough 14.

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