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Class War Daily 18 May 2020: “The three R’s: REFUSE, RESIST, REVOLT”

UK. The Tory government seems obsessed with getting kids back to school for a few weeks when we all know that this will spread the virus and threaten our loved ones. They are pressing for schools to open on June 1st. Today it is quickly
becoming apparent that their plans are unravelling because people have had enough.

Originally published by Class War Daily.

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Monday 18 May 2020: here (pdf file).

There is a rebellion against the Tories because everyone has seen what a mess they have made of their pandemic
response. Not enough protective equipment in our hospitals and a disaster in our care homes. Over 50,000 dead and people seem unwilling to allow the virus to spread again. NOT IN OUR SCHOOLS!

They say that the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton. It is now also clear that the battle against Covid19 was lost on those same fields. It was lost by a political class who care only for making money and they know they can only make money by getting us to work and then getting our kids ready to join in when they’re old enough. At Eton, posh kids get playing fields where they learn politics and military tactics. Everywhere else we get schools opening early where the virus will spread like wildfire.

What will an extra few weeks matter if our kids stay virus free and are able to see their grandparents sooner? Surely the health of everyone in the UK is the most important thing? We’re not stupid. We can teach them a bit ourselves. On top of this shouldn’t we value teachers and urge the unions to keep them safe and virus free too? Lessons can be safely provided online. Teachers should not be forced into unsafe workplaces.

Last week Boris Johnson’s weakness started to show as he set out in a televised address what he thought should happen with the easing of lockdown restrictions. Very quickly it disintegrated because the other nations of the UK have powers to go their own way. Johnson is therefore the prime minister of England only and anyone living in England should fear his plans. Thankfully we are the people who can decide if schools are open. There’s no point in opening them if people don’t send their kids inside. Stay home and keep your kids protected.

Some local authorities are refusing to comply with the Tories. Liverpool is defying the Tories and keeping schools closed. Outside of England, the nations of the UK are in an even more rebellious mood. In Scotland schools won’t open
full time until August. Schools in Wales will also not reopen on June 1st. In Northern Ireland they will not reopen until September. So when the Tories say that schools are going to reopen in the UK, what they mean is England – every other part of the UK has rebelled against their callous, sickening “business as usual” experiment.

It is an experiment that we must all resist in order to stay safe and keep our children virus
free. Remember the three R’s: REFUSE, RESIST, REVOLT

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