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D.i.Y.Culture #8 – #Bakunin Bumper Birthday Special

DIY Culture #8, Bakunin Bumper Birthday Special. What follows is an introduction and a download option of the brand new issue of DIY Culture.

Submitted to Enough 14.

D.i.Y.Culture #8 – Bakunin Bumper Birthday Special, is now available to view/download – please share far and wide.

In this issue: Richard Parry on Questioning Authority, Anarchy on Tristan De Cuhna by Ian Bone, why rich cunts should go back to school/work first by Lisa Mckenzie, 4 more pages from the Gata Negra anarcha-feminist collective in Valencia, Clampdown in the Philippines by anarcho-punk comrades on the spot, can the movement get over itself and build serious lockdown resistance?? by the Whitechapel Anarchist, Artworks from Clifford Harper, The Slow Burning Fuse, Existential Comics, Gord Hill and Bart Cooper, and a further report from Vipera of the Moscow Anarchists. There are also contributions from anarchist care/NHS-workers, tube workers, education workers and Tales From the Tofu Press – so once again, get your teeth into a small slice, the virtual cake of liberty. If you’ve got ideas for contributions/articles/images/videos/etc for #9, then don’t be shy.

Somehow, all of the rage and revelation that Covid-19 has unleashed, has to be transferred into unified action – so let’s use these virtual platforms to find each other in reality and build a serious street movement.

No return to normal, normal isn’t working.

The D.i.Y.Collective

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