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#France: Clashes after suspicious death of a young man in #Argenteuil, #Paris [Video]

Yesterday, an 18-year-old named Sabri was found dead in front of a pool of blood near the remains of his motorcycle in the Argenteuil suburb of Paris. A suspicious death, a BAC [1] car was spotted near the scene.

Originally published by Nantes-Révoltée. Translated by Enough 14.

This death comes in a context of major tension in the neighborhoods, which have suffered a lot of police violence in recent weeks. Journalist Sihame Assbague explains:

“Another dead man. In Argenteuil, this time. And again, the police involved. At the scene of the tragedy that took the life of Sabri, 18 years old, neighbors and relatives replay the scene. Many of them point to an BAC car that was nearby at the time of the events.

What happened in Argenteuil on the night of May 16 to 17? Sabri was out with friends. He was going home to drop off his motocross bike, in a suburban area of Argenteuil. So he was on his motorcycle & the others in their cars. They were following each other.

They found him a few minutes, after the tragedy had taken place. According to the official version, Sabri hade lost control of his motorcycle, would have hit 2 parked cars, then would have crashed on the pole. But no one believes this version, neither the friends who were following him nor the residents of the suburban area to whom I spoke.

If many residents question the official version, it is:

  • On the one hand, there is no explanation why Sabri would have walked up the sidewalk by himself without something pushing him…
  • On the other hand, that a BAC car was there at the time of the events.
    According to his friends, Sabri was in perfect control of his motorcycle. He was an “artist”. They don’t believe that it was a coincidental accident on such a small road. They all wonder what role the BAC car that was coming up from the other side of the road played when Sabri was riding.

Several questions therefore remain unanswered. On the spot, a lot of emotion & anger. Sabri was very much appreciated. Everyone spoke of a young man always smiling, with his hand on his heart, a “valiant man at the service of his family”. His relatives want to know the truth. Sabri’s family could file a complaint in the coming days. They have already contacted two lawyers to shed light on the circumstances of this tragedy, which unfortunately reminds them of so many others.”


[1] The Anti-Crime Brigade, also known by the acronym “BAC”, is a service of the French National Police, created in 1994 at the national level, belonging to the Central Directorate of Public Security or DSPAP.

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