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#Thessaloniki, #Greece: Police scum represent the limitless audacity of state power

On Saturday night cops assaulted people who were just sitting at Kallithea square and chased them around the narrow streets of Ano Poli (Thessaloniki) using clubs and chemicals. At the same time schools operate, workers get crammed every morning inside mass transportation vehicles in order to go to jobs that pay them next to nothing, big stores have opened up and it was just announced that bars will open up sooner than expected, two days after the fiesta of Mayor Bakoyiannis in Omonoia square, Athens, which gathered 3 times the number of people who gathered at Ano Poli. The state showed that its audacity is so out of control that the police was sent to attack the crowd and caused head injuries to at least one person. Of couse, during the mayor’s fiesta in Omonoia, no warnings were given to the organizers and no head injuries were caused. Outside the posh cafes in town, where parties have been thrown in their outside space, with hundreds of attendees, cops just issued very friendly warnings.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Translation submitted to Enough 14. Image above by @fo_fi_ko

The only thing that has remained from the whole pandemic is what we expected from the start: the state’s attempt to gain ground on all aspects of life, in order to achieve what so far seemed impossible. As a result the riot cops and the police, which hurled the most degrading slurs at the people at the square in Thessaloniki as well as nearby residents, were given the right to beat up and target anyone, even if that person has not committed a crime. The only thing that has not changed is the target: the weak who are constantly facing a condition of exception such as refugees, immigrants and the unemployed, the poor workers and the dissenting youths who like to hang out at non-popular spaces such as squares, where there is no official organization by the authorities.

We must not allow cops to become the coordinators of our social life. We believe that those of us who use public space could create conditions of respect in society beyond the authoritarian paradigm. In the same way we managed to follow the rules of hygiene not because the state demanded that we do so, but as a form of social care. We cannot stay calm when the power of the police become greater, when repression is fortified even more. Following the latest events, it is absolutely obvious that the state manages the great issue of the pandemic as an opportunity to promote its regressive agenda and solidify authoritarianism. The state attacks the squares which could become streets of dissent.

In Agia Paraskevi, Kypseli and Ano Poli, Thessaloniki, the state attacks those who will be attacked again during demonstrations against the new bills on education, the environment, workers’ rights, repression and exploitation. It attacks those squares who could become streets of dissent.

At the same time it terrorizes people with abuse. And ofcouse when it comes to the actualization of repressive machinations in order to achieve the enclosure of public space then the state acts as if the virus is not a threat.




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