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Class War Daily 19 May 2020: The Class War Daily Parasite List 2020

The UK is rife with leeches who suck the blood, sweat and tears out of the working class. 147 of them are Billionaires and they sit on £490.687,000,000. To put that in perspective it’s estimated that it would take £5.7 Billion in the first year
to end world hunger with that number radically dropping each year after that, ending poverty the world over? An initial investment of just £218 billion. Thinking closure to home? It would cost just £70 billion to safeguard the working class and maintain financially supported furlough until October.

Originally published by Class War Daily.

Read the full edition of Class War Daily tuesday 19 May 2020: here (pdf file).

Excessive wealth is an act of violence, it is their most powerful tool in their war upon the working class. They are laughing at you as you keep fattening them up. Sure they might cough up the odd bit of philanthropy here and there, when an old church burns down or something but this scum is your enemy and it’s in the interest that we forget the accomplishments of comrades before us, let working class consciousness become a vague memory and toil forever under their boot.

So let’s take a quick look at the Class WAR Daily’s TOP TEN PARASITES 2020!

Starting off the list, it’s one of Class War’s favourites, it’s old’ mate Hugh, the 7th Duke of Westminster whose property
investments have seen an extra £195 million stolen from the working class. That finally brought him into the winner circle where he sits on £10.3bn.

Down two slots it’s the Carvalho’s Mike and Chaza, The poor loves have gone down some £1.7bn so they are literally scraping by on just £10bn of inherited money and investments in the bewing industry. I’ll tell you what instead of having a Telephone we could all just agree to drown our sorrows in some Newkie Brown and help them get that third private jet eh? Come on, do it for them.

It’s another new entry, up for 13 it’s the Westons! Ever drink a fancy cup of Twinings? Well you’ve got this lot to thank and hey, they gave you your first shit job at Primark. Son of a Tory MP and savvy with the investments, patriarch Galen is truly a man of the people and hey you can’t say he doesn’t look after his family right with little Alannah just 48 years old becoming the Chairwomen of Selfridges last year and the little one Galen Jr running the Canadian outfit where they’re worth £6bn. Who doesn’t love a family working together? Too sweet!

Jumping up a spot with £11.68 it’s Alisher Usmanov! He’s invested in Airbnb, Twitter, Uber, Spotify and everyone’s
favourite data collection site, Facebook. However his true contribution to the world is the creation of several beautiful
open cast mining vistas. If you’re a gunners fan you’ll remember him from selling off the team a couple of years back, he’s currently looking to buy The Toffees, because hey, are you even a billionaire if you don’t own at least one team?

Staying put for the second year it’s the Rausings, Kirsten and brother Jorn and Finn. She owns half the British Bloodstock Agency which trade racehorses like Pokemon cards amongst the silver spoon munchers and together they
own Tetra Laval which their Grand dad built. Yeah it’s that Tetra, the one who make the packaging you’ve still no clue
which recycling bin it goes in. They are currently getting right into International Flavors & Fragrances with a 20% stake… who the heck are IFF? Well they make all the nice smells and flavours in your fizzy pop and in 1998 they sent a miniature rose to space for cultivation back in 1998, the low gravity changed the smell of the rose slightly so they called it “space rose” and earned mad bucks. The sciences was cool, but the profit was better. They’ll be looking to enter the top five next year surely, gotta jump up from that £12.1bn of you want anyone to remember your name.

Oh this one is sad, poor Jimmy Ratcliffe fell from the top three having £6bn less to show for it all this year, Getting by on a paltry £12.15bn he’s been blowing all the skrilla he earn buying BP’s chemicals division in ‘92 on F1. He’s doing all the hard graft making 60 million tons of petrochemicals for us each year so he’s obviously a hard worker and surely deserves the £500m in emergency loans he’s after from the British government for his wee firm Petroineos energy which he owns with the Chinese state. Go on Boris, help your pal out, he’s having a hard time and he needs our support! Atleast thats what he’s saying.

Up a cool £1.5bn it’s your boi Leo Blavatnik! He started out in private equity back in 86 but helped privatise the heck out of Russia as the USSR collapsed and in 2013 he brought in a tidy $7bn from his share of the Oil giant, TNK-BP. He’s
probably currently glamping it up in his £41m in Kensington Palace Gardens, just down the road from Grenfell Tower. It’s a quite a comfy little street protected by armed officers from the DPG on either side.

Just holding onto their position with £16bn it’s Dave and Si Reuban. Owners of one of our favourite landmarks Millbank Tower, these two started out in North London, si quickly went about buying up shops all over London while Dave went into metal. At one point they were responsible for 5% of the worlds Aluminium output, gosh they must of worked really hard. They went to state school none the less, so you can be assured they are 100% salt of the earth, tidy fellas who aren’t sat on a plethora of Yachts and Jets in lala land, 100%, no worries.

Dropping down from the top spot to share a second place it’s Sri and Gopi Hiduja, the brothers who sort out the serious work of daddies business the Hinduja Group while brothers Prakash and Ashok sort manage the accounts and the Indian side of the business respectively. They’ve been doing pretty good since they merged with Gulf Oil in 2002 and took on the mantel of one of the largest traders profiteering from the destruction of the environment. A regular pair of Delboys these guys have been in it all, from tea and spices to Banking, media and energy. They are currently busy turning the old War Office building into a 125 room hotel and 85 luxury serviced apartments, very fancy.

However the MVP is ofcourse, jumping up £ since last year up to £16.2bn, showing that Brexit truly is working for some, Yes that’s right, it’s mister “how the fuck does that work”…. it’s Jimmy Dyson! This utter cad owns more of England than the flipping Queen totally 36,500 acres. His farming interests earn him £2.6m a year in agricultural subsidies from the UK (that is money, you give him to supplement his farming income which helps keep the farmers on side, and prices where the big boys are happy with them) and ever the savvy chap he is, since the Brexit vote, which he was a huge fan off, he’s taken another £5m in subsidies from the EU too, Take that euro trash! That’s our money now…. well…his… don’t worry tho, once we get Brexit down, the UK government will be taking on that bill and making sure he get’s every penny he’s owned from your pocket.

So there we have it.Apparently these are the hardest workers int he land. Disgusting vile parasites each and every last one of them. They sit of a unimaginable wealth as 500,000 children go to school hungry each day in the UK alone.

You going to do somethingabout it?

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