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About the Enough Info-Café in times of the #coronavirus Part 4: “An inspiring week”

Wuppertal. Germany. A fourth statement by some of the Enough Info-Café in times of the coronavirus. As expected not everybody liked our previous statement. But that wasn’t really surprising. In the past week we started a mutual aid project with the Cars of Hope collective and it went pretty well.

Published by Enough 14.

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The Enough Info-Café partially reopend at May 13. Partially because the actual Café (gastronomy) will remain closed until further notice, only the shop reopened. Although we condemn the authoritarian state measures, the actual Café remain closed.  As we said before: In our point of view its normal responsible behaviour to take responsibility and close when there is a situation in which we are not sure about the safety of people who work and visit the Info-Café.

On the first day of the reopening we started a mutual aid project for the neighbourhood. The project is supported by the Cars of Hope collective. Food and sanitary products are the main things we provide on our “for free and outside” tables in front of the Enough Info-Café. The capitalist crisis rocked the neighbourhood. Many people lost their jobs, especially people that lost their so-called 450€ jobs [1] face major financial problems. Apart from the free food and sanitary products we have also spread a flyer and many copies of CrimethInc‘s “To Change Everything.”

It was an inspiring week. A lot of people from the neighbourhood came and we had many discussions about the authoritarian state measures and the situation of people that are paying the price for these kind of measures in a capitalist society. We talked about the relation between the authoritarian state measures, domestic violence, people who suffer from mental problems and how we can protect ourselves and others for the virus without this kind of imposed contact bans. Important discussions, because our critique has nothing to do with playing down COVID 19.

We are in a critical phase. Conspiracy theorists and the far-right jumped in the gap that was left open and are now protesting for “basic rights”. At least that’s what they claim. The far-right protesting for basic rights could have been the story for a trashy comedy movie but many people are falling for it. So there is no reason to laugh. Its not a movie. The far-right managed to mobilize parts of the so-called bourgeois center. Everybody who attends at a demo should be aware of with whom they are protesing and there is no excuse to take take the streets with fascists and manic conspiracy theorists that fantasize about robot mosquito’s send to infect us with the virus. That was another point that was discussed with some of the neighbours. Some people asked if there were protests against the state measures that are organized by leftwing groups or organizations… Apart from counter protests against the fascist “sanitary demonstrations” (Saturday May 23, 15:00 at Laurentiusplatz) there are no announcements for corona related protests in Wuppertal. At least, no announcements that we know of.

One of the candidates to grab the CDU presidency and to succeed chancellor Angela Merkel, is the former manager of Black Rock Germany, Friedrich Merz. He already threatened to examine the need for social transfer payments like unemployment benefits, social welfare, student benefits and loans (BAföG), parental benefits, child benefits and housing benefits. At the same time he proposes more gifts for corporations. More and more people in the neighbourhood are aware about the sword that’s hanging above their head. The neoliberals are still there and will try to make those pay for the capitalist crisis, who were already struggling to survive before the coronavirus popped up. The unemployed, the precarious workers, the people who already had almost nothing. The issue of “who is going to pay for the crisis?”, is one of the things many people are scared off in these confusing times of the coronavirus.

One of the isues we discuss a lot with people that come to the Info-Café is the threat of possible austerity measures and what we are going to do about it. If we don’t want leave another gap open for the far-right and their crackpot conspiracist friends, we have to start organizing resistance now.

The inspiring discussions at the “for free and outside” tables and the need for mutual aid projects in our neighbourhood has made us decide to continue the project until further notice.

We won’t go back to normality, because normality was the problem.

Let’s work on a hot summer and an even hotter fall, smash capitalism!

Some of the Enough Info-Café, May 21, 2020.

Temporary Opening Hours Enough Info-Café

Wiesenstraße 48, Wuppertal, Germany.

Wednesday 14:00 – 20:00 (02:00pm – 08:00pm)

Thursday 14:00 – 20:00 (02:00pm – 08:00pm)

Friday 14:00 – 20:00 (02:00pm – 08:00pm)

Saturday 14:00 – 20:00 (02:00pm – 08:00pm)

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday closed

Mutual Aid

In order to be able to bring continuity in this extended free for all mutual aid project, Cars of Hope are asking for donations.

You can donate by Bank transfer:

Name of the bank: Volksbank im Bergischen Land

Account Holder: Hopetal e.V.

Description: Mutual Aid COVID 19

IBAN: DE51 3406 0094 0002 9450 87


You can also donate by Pay Pal:

Support COVID 19 Mutual Aid

Support the Mutual Aid Project by Cars of Hope in front of the Enough Info-Café. Even 1€ can make a difference.



[1] Marginal employment (German: geringfügige Beschäftigung), also called a mini job or €450 job, is an employment relationship with a low absolute level of earnings or of short duration.

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