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From #Chemnitz to #Moria! – Spontaneous demonstration [Video and report]

In the night of May 9, 2020, we took our anger and indignation about the current conditions of society with 50 comrades loud and militant to the streets of Chemnitz, Germany.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

Rarely has solidarity been declared such a principle of politics as it has been since the beginning of the Corona crisis. Solidarity means standing up for each other in times of need, supporting each other and working together for solutions to fight the emergency. Individual and collective needs within society are inseparably linked. Individuals or groups should not be excluded from this principle. However, the practice of government action shows that the concept of solidarity is merely an empty phrase for fighting insurgency. In fact, the ruling classes only act in solidarity in the sense of a capitalist logic of exploitation, as the omnipresence of the “economic question” clearly shows. This systemic crisis pushes the conflicts between the interests of an economy based on the logic of competition and growth and the basic needs of the people to the extreme. The corona pandemic is not the crisis – it is only an expression of the crisis of capitalist modernity in which we have found ourselves for decades. Real solidarity between people is not promoted or even prevented by state institutions. Yet this crisis hits those who have already been on the losing side of this competitive capitalist society particularly hard. Above all, our solidarity should be directed towards them and all other people who have been made precarious by the crisis.

The current situation is particularly hard on refugees in group shelters in the FRG and on the European external borders. Refugees are locked up in camps like the hell of Moria under inhuman conditions by the EU. Over 70 million people are on the move worldwide. The largest camps all over the world, in Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh or Rojava, are unscrupulously overcrowded and people are defencelessly exposed to the virus. These people are not receiving large-scale international support, nor are the causes of their flight being tackled by the states of capitalist modernity.

The border is not between inside and outside, but between above and below!

States have always used times of crisis to maintain their power and expand their powers under the humanitarian cover of infection control. States are intensifying their authoritarianism and intervening with ever more special powers in the fundamental rights and general life of people. Conservatives, liberals and left-wingers fall allover themselves in the uncritical adaptation and reproduction of protective measures against the virus. Our aim is not to deny the usefulness of the measures, but to highlight the different effects on different classes and social groups. We, as the radical left, cannot find an appropriate response to the intensification of social conflicts in the course of the Corona pandemic. In the FRG, only neo-Nazis, conspiracy theorists and esotericists position themselves critically against the state and its corona measures. There is a high risk that the ruling classes and the governing rulers want to keep many of the authoritarian exceptions, which are supported by large parts of the concerned population today, as a permanent state of affairs. We wonder whether the democratic forces around the world can draw the necessary anti-capitalist conclusions from the Corona crisis and the weakness of the system to overcome it, or whether the current crisis will rather be the prelude to a much worse future. The negotiations on this are starting here and now and that means class struggle!

The infection control decrees provide the cops with new forms of counterinsurgency and give them complete control over the public space. This leeway enables them to increase their abuse of power and authorizes all criminalizations of actions in public space. We have the choice of engaging in a fight, on playing fields chosen by the state, or of choosing decentralized concepts and thus evading their control and power. We do not ask the state for permission to take our rights to the streets. We are angry and show determination in our rebellion against these conditions. Clear signs of resistance are needed to make our struggles visible. Collective and empowering moments are indispensable to conduct our struggles. Online activism is important, but we must not completely shift our practice into virtual space. A counter-power is not being built in the living room, but on the street! We must not leave protest and the streets to the far-right. Otherwise we are threatened, with increasing social distortions, by a new right-wing mass movement. The revolutionary left must not degenerate as a moral instrument of the state and the neo-liberal forces. We have to be an offensive!

We greet our friends all over the world! We see your fights in Lebanon, Rojava and in the banlieues in France full of joy and love!

Capitalism is the virus! LeaveNoOnebehind! Antifa and PKK!

Here is a video of the action:

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