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Class War Daily 22 May 2020: What is to be done?

UK. No I don’t mean our comrades from Stoke Newington in the 1970’s but the relatives and friends of the 50,000 who have died from Covid-19 and often due directly to cackhanded and woeful government policies.

Originally published by Class War Daily.

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Friday 22 May 2020: here (pdf file).

Where are people shouting at tory politicians, forming action groups or at least raging to the cameras. But no – they have been kept well offstage – restricted to grief.

Grenfell Tower was another example where the SWP and local community leaders went for a dignified presence and march once a month – like clapping – and virtually no anger directed at Kensington Council. And still they come for the
public inquiry year 3 just as they will for Covid 19.

Enough is enough! The care home killing fields etc etc

fuck another inquiry – we know the outcome now. Huge pay days for law firms.


What is to be done?

Class War committed itself to a big action against the Tories as soon as lockdown ended. We said on the Friday after lockdown over, so as not to jeorpardise the joys of pubs reopening.

So now it looks like some time in July. We are asking you what form of action. We are certainly not going to march from Portland Place to Whitehall as all the SWP organised marches now do, ending with a load of hot air from Owen Jones, Len McClusky etc etc.

We’d like some innovative suggestions, not same old. We are thinking evenings as success of Fuck Parades, but forward ever backward never. So let’s be ‘aving yer thoughts comrades.



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