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#Zurich, #Switzerland: The infernal trio and the #Juch eviction without actual need

Zurich. Switzerland. On Friday 22.5.2020, the infernal trio Golta, Leupi and Rykart put the backroom deal with HRS Real Estate AG into practice. Past parliament and city residents, the Juch-Areal was evicted without actual need!

Originally published by Juch Zurich. Translated by Enough 14.

The events at a glance

In the evening of Friday 22.5. at 00.00 the ultimatum to leave the area expired. Eigengolta was not available the whole day. Why do mobile phones have a flight mode if not to use it?

When an event was taking place on the Juch river as a pretext, the police started to enter the area around 10 o’clock in the morning with a large police force and sealed off the area extensively. Based on the Covid-19 decree, the police distributed signs for the whole city of Zurich. Once again they have used the current Corona emergency for their own purposes. It cannot be overlooked that the extent to which they use their leeway to nip any criticism on the system in the bud depends heavily on the content of an event.
Through negotiations started by us, we were able to get the police to leave. At 6 p.m., as soon as the official office hours had passed, they crawled out of their holes again and were on the spot with a high presence. The closer the end of the ultimatum came, the bigger the police force became.

The squatters did not let themselves be isolated and were busy organizing decentralized actions. They moved in front of the gate of the area to hold out together for the last hours until the eviction. Visitors came by and around 00.00, solidarity bangers could be heard from all sides. Thanks to all for the support!

The following morning at 8 o’clock, the supposedly left-green city council finally unmasked themselves and showed which side they are standing on. A demolition in advance, without plans for an actual use of the area, is contrary to the practice of the city of Zurich with occupations, which has been practiced by the left for 40 years.

Police spokesman Marco Cortesi, when asked about the procedure, says they first want to “make the area uninhabitable” and then private security forces have been booked to guard the area day and night. We think: HUUPETS?

It’s clear to all of us: “Despite the highway to undignified, you’re not rid of us.”

We oppose this capitalist power play at the expense of a free space for all, in favour of a building site installation site.

We will not let you make our city uninhabitable!

Juch, May 23, 2020.

Statement by Migrantifa on the Juch eviction

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Squat net.

The history of the Juch is a history that is closely linked with the history of racism in Switzerland. The Juchhof area was built as a shanty town for so-called “guest workers”: Workers from the European South, who – legally and socially strongly discriminated – were exploited by Swiss companies and Swiss society. They were treated as a commodity, not as people, who were to be got rid of quickly after the oil crisis as an economic buffer.
The Juch was then for 13 years the largest emergency shelter for illegal immigrants. Many of the undocumented fugitives were part of the right of stay movement, occupied churches, and from this the Autonomous School ASZ was born. The struggles specifically of undocumented people of the Juche-type should never be forgotten!
Before the emptiness, the Juch was used as a test centre for the federal asylum camps. The asylum system is a repressive, violent institute of the Swiss state. It is not designed to protect the fugitives, but to ward off and separate them. While the semi-captivity of the federal asylum camps, the internment of fugitives or their placement in inhumane bunkers form one part of state racist violence, neo-colonialist exploitation, imperialist wars and support for dictatorships in the Trikont form the other side of the same coin.

After the occupation a diverse and open space was created, which was also open for projects of People of Color and migrants. Examples are the office “Ping PoC” of the Left PoC to support People of Color and refugees, or a library with anti-colonial and anti-racist literature. We were able to form and develop initiatives in the Juch.
It should be emphasized that the Juch has always been perceived as a place open to People of Color, and a space where many initiatives with an anti-racist focus could be formed and developed.

Therefore, we as People of Color and migrants say: Juch remains!

Migrantifa, May 23, 2020.

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