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#Athens: Demo against state terrorism and the anti-immigration war


Solidarity with the residents Themistocleous 58 Squat

Hands off the squats – Cops out of our homes and neighborhoods

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

On Monday, May 18, the repression units of the Greek state, MAT, DELTA, OPKE and EKAM, stormed a house in Exarchia where immigrants with their children were staying. They evacuated the building from its inhabitants, destroyed the basic infrastructure (electricity–water) and in a climate of terror led them to a van to pass first through the hellhole of Petrou Ralli and then into an unknown to them concentration camp or homelessness. On paper, the building belongs to Voulgarakis, one of the most corrupt politicians of New Democracy, and it had been abandoned for more than a decade and began being used in February 2016 as a place of struggle and housing for people in need, in response to the migration “crisis” of the time. Today’s inhabitants came from Congo and Syria. Official police sources hypocritically spoke of “truly miserable living conditions”, clearly mocking people who had just been uprooted and led to homelessness. Humanitarianism and the condemnation of violence, the acceptance of the different, the elevation of motherhood and the protection of children, all the values that the state is promoting are collapsing like a tower of cards in every photo depicting hooded men with automatic weapons leading families and other residents to the camps. Some of these people are being held in Amygdaleza, while others have been released with nowhere to go after Petrou Ralli and went home to find cinder blocks on doors and windows. Self-organised projects, comrades and residents of the neighborhood of Exarchia are still trying to support the migrants in this difficult situation.

Immigrants from countries impoverished by economic exploitation and war orchestrated by developed countries are forced to come to developed Europe, necessarily passing through countries such as Greece to find the continuation of hell. They die in the exploitation of fields and construction work and when the economy does not need them, it throws them into concentration camps for reserve workers and European funds, and when they do not need them for this either, it executes them at the border, either by sinking them or shooting them with the most obvious example in Evros. After the state sows racism and imposes its violent devaluation, blinded racists and Nazi gangs play a role in completing the social extermination of already impoverished immigrants.

But foreigners—from immigrants to slaves of color—have always been demanding their visibility, freedom and equality with their blood. In the present time, protests, hunger strikes and riots in concentration camps are efforts to break imprisonment, repression, limitation of movement, miserable living conditions and violation of so-called basic human rights. No asylum, no free care, no access to education, no right to work, only illegalization, slavery, more hunting and humiliation on the streets of the metropolis, more and more confinement and concentration in warehouses of souls. Even though in reality existing rights and benefits are founded on hierarchy, exclusion and exploitation, the struggles and demands of ethnic minorities, isolated individuals, and their communities are just and necessary for their survival in a system where life depends on the rulers. And that’s why we stand by the side of each other!

The crocodile tears of the authorities over the value of human life and public health during the pandemic never washed away its deeply racist face. Both before and during Coronavirus, their statistics were clear. Cases in x number of people plus x cases in immigrants. “The alien” is still synonymous with a health bomb, despite the fact that the virus was eventually spread by Christian gatherings and conferences of merchants, politicians and scientists. They were and still arecalling for us to stay home and keep our distance while the immigrants and the prisoners—locals and foreigners—were stacked in containers and in cells in conditions that only in good faith we would call unhealthy.

For many people, but especially for immigrants, housing squats have always been a refuge from racist hatred and anti-immigration policies, a way to have a decent life and interact with society. Located in the center of the metropolis, they allow immigrants to interact with locals, other immigrants and ethnic communities, to become part of neighborhoods and everyday life, to have access to services and structures of solidarity, and to participate in social and political life. Abandoned buildings, many of them belonging to the state or its politicians, built by the relentless taxation of workers and then neglected, have finally come to life again, housing the life of the most underrated part of the social base, offering at the same time an answer to the broader problem of housing, but also to the problem of inequality and exploitation caused by property. The violence against squats in general and migrants in particular is an attempt of the greek state to reinforce racism and exploitation, to terrorize all of the oppressed and exploited.

From the attack on public spaces to the attack on housing, from the privatization of green spaces to the destruction of the natural environment, from layoffs to unpaid wages, from deprivation of basic freedoms to the spread of electronic control, from the “intentional” murders at the border of Evros to the “negligent” murders in the prisons of Thiva and the fields of Manolada, more and more the people on power is leading the exploited to a state of unbearable suffocation.

Let us take a deep breath and violently break out against the state, its bosses and their guards, standing side by side, next to the wretched. With continuous initiatives but also permanent organization, let’s take back the stolen time and space by building rebellious and free communities without national and gender divisions, without exploitation and hierarchy.






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