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A whisper from nowhere

A message by a friend and companion from nowhere.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

Dear friends and companions,

I have been thinking of getting in touch with you again for a very long time. No matter where I was, no matter what was on the line, no matter what adversities or wonderful experiences I encountered outside of physical prison – I always felt the urge to share it with you. You are an indispensable part of my life, which has found deep roots in my heart.

But every time I sat down in front of the blank sheet of paper, my ability to write slipped away. To talk. Each time I fell silent and became sad. How can words really convey what I feel? With this question my mind plagued me all the time when I sat at my writing desk and stared at the empty white in front of me. And while I was struggling for characters, the world suddenly turned faster and then stopped abruptly. If someone had seriously tried to make me believe at the beginning of February this year that half the world would be put under a glass cover within a few weeks because of the virus in Wuhan, China, I would have shaken my head laughing. But here we are, in the midst of an authoritarian process of radical transformation of the status quo.

Back to the old normality!, the reactionary nostalgics complain. Always only interested to feather their own nest and then locking the door again as soon as possible.
Forward to the new normality!, the liberal cyberneticists preach. Bright little helpers of the state, always driven by good intentions…

And what do the rulers do? They are in disagreement, in agreement, hesitant, determined, totalitarian, reasonable, scientific, religious… the range is endless and yet always describes only the same thing – they act according to the maxim of maintaining power. Always and exclusively.

The question “old” or “new”, or in other words; the question of how we want to be managed and held under control is not the question that should interest individuals seeking self-determination. How we can oppose the dictates of laws and values, sabotage them with thoughts and dynamite and thus open a gap for something new – this is music to the ears of those who are searching for the earth beneath the tarmac.

I have been on the run for almost 4 years now, which denies me the opportunity to discuss these explosive questions with you, to formulate and reject theses with you, to work out approaches with you and to test them with my heart in my hands. Of course this saddens me. Because such a common debate would mean that I can see, hear, smell and feel you. And you cannot imagine how much I miss this immediacy – how much I miss you all!

But hey, although I’m not with you, instead I’m next to you – on a hidden path in the middle of nowhere, from where I wave to you and whisper the warmest greetings. Let’s not allow the splashing time to come between us and gradually bleach out our common adventures and experiences.

I am happy to have rediscovered, thanks to you, my beloved words and the desire to talk, you are wonderful.

We’ll be in touch.

In solidarity and freedom-loving bond

Your friend and companion from nowhere

Middle of May 2020

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