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#Bologna, #Italy: Solidarity bike ride to #Dozza prison [report]

Bologna. Italy. May 22, 2020. What follows is a short report of a solidarity bike ride to Dozza prison, one of the prisons of the March prison revolts.

Originally published by il Rovescio. Translated by Enough 14.



About 150 people came to the Dozza in Bologna on May 22nd. From Piazza dell’Unità, a bike ride started and crossed the Bolognina until it reached the prison walls, making itself heard to both the male and female sections. Among various interventions, it was reported what happened last week: 7 comrades were arrested because they are anarchists fighting for freedom and rejecting the logic of submission at the basis of this system. The investigators would like to identify a few in the direction of the prisoners’ revolt last March, as if the unacceptable conditions and the very existence of these infamous prisons were not enough. The media, adapting the narrative of power, have not even made a single mention of their arrest.

Solidarity is scary.

Many of us were behind those walls during the March riots.

Many of us came back to shout that we will not be intimidated, that if they want us to be silent they will make us even more determined.

The flames of the revolt, when fear changed the field in Bologna, still warm our hearts.

Prison is a mirror of society and never before, in recent history, marked by the COVID emergency, it has become clear that, for some people, there are second-class and therefore expendable lives.

As long as the greed of sadistic bureaucrats will produce the havoc and abomination that prison is, a fair world will not exist

The only security is freedom.

By the side of Zip, Leo, Ele, Stefi, Nicole, Duccio, Guido and all the anarchist prisoners.

By the side of all the prisoners.

By the side of all the rebels.


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