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Class War Daily 26 May 2020: “Rage is a great step forward from indignation”

UK. And it surely has – I doubt if he’ll be doing his nonchalant tennis jumper over the shoulder look for a few days or he’ll be found upside down hanging from a petrol pump, the fragrant Mary Wakefield alongside.

Originally published by Class War.

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Tuesday 26 May 2020: here (pdf file).

Rage is a great step forward from indignation – everybody in BRITAIN is indignant all of the time – bin collections, potholes, fly tipping. Rage is rare and may reduce to a simmer within weeks.

It is our task as revolutionaries to move on from rage to physical action on the streets. Take The Poll Tax and the Don’t
Pay Campaign originating in Scotland raging to the great riot in London which effectively put an end to it and Thatcher.

Politically we need to identify Cummings with Johnson like they’re joined at the hip so Boris can’t crawl out from the
Cummings car crash. When Cummings gets it then so does Johnson.

We need a massive demo in London with about six weeks’ build up – which fits with Class War’s ‘The Friday After Lockdown Lifted’ existing plans for a mass action.

Secondly we need a non-stop harassment of Cummings and Johnson.

No let up.

We’ll be bringing our banners down, but the real daily incessant action and noise against him will come from the
chance encounter in the street – see picture – till he chucks it in and fucks off to join Steve Hilton in the States.

Let’s play loud music outside all day, let’s remember the Beanfield at mid summer with an “Our Demons Out” Festival in Islington to 18 Ockendon Road. No sleep till Hammersmith .

We were made for this comrades, this is who we are, what were made of. We recognise there’s rage out there – good, lets get out with our bellows and nurture the fame to conflagration. We must go too far, beyond the point of no return – comrades we must cross the Rubicon.

So it is at this point, 40,000 deaths in, with the worst of it apparently over and the half arsed lock down being lifted, that the media has suddenly decided as one that it can be silent no more and its time to get angry, VERY angry, in a way we have not yet seen in coverage up until this moment.

No longer will the obvious villain of the story hide in plain sight and mock us and at long last those who are to blame are going to be called out at last and held accountable.

Who are these murdering scum? You guessed it, its the British public and their complete inability to follow simple instructions such as:

“Go out and stay in at all costs”

“Stay 2 metres apart unless it’s one no…two?…check the website.”

“The Website is down…go to work…its not safe…go.”

“Go out and enjoy the great British (not Welsh or Scottish mind) outdoors this weekend and please remember stay home when you get there..and clap… or don’t..go back to work.”

These people are costing innocent lives because they ignore the social distancing rules in a way that we all know is only appropriate or safe in a magical “Covid proof” zone such as a packed tube train, a building site, a care home, an amazon fulfilment centre or under a policeman’s hat.

Its crazy. Our brave media have finally found their voice and are apoplectic with rage as they rabidly publish 3 page articles on every single fucking example they can find of this selfish, inconsiderate, arrogance alongside what appears to be complete lack of understanding about the illness in general. They will find no quarter from which to hide from the light of truth and spear of justice that the fourth estate wields. I hope brave Boris organises a clap for the media campaign. They too are heroes like him – we do not deserve them.

If you’re on social media frothing at the mouth with fury sharing stories you got fed in the news about what are overwhelmingly cases of confused well-meaning people just like you who are misunderstanding the PURPOSEFULLY garbled message the Tories are giving the public and you are mad at the people and not the government, then you are a mug of sports direct mug proportions who is doing EXACTLY what they want you to do: Punching down, punching across, but never up at each others throats but never at theirs.

Once again the British people have just been told they need to point their finger of blame at each other, and a predictably huge proportion of them gleefully did it without a second thought.

We all need to wise the fuck up and get angry.

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