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#Italy: Is Bologna starting to return to “normality” again? – Solidarity with those arrested in #Bologna

Bologna. Italy. The real “Phase 2” has begun. Finally, after months of confinement, controls, hunting for the Quacksalver, infamous at the windows (with the tricolor next to it), you can move without self-certification anymore.

Originally published by Centro di documentazione anarchico l’”Arrotino”. Translated by Enough 14.

In short, for the most optimistic, we are one step away from “back to normality”!

But the real question is: – are we really going back to preCovid normality? Because, in addition to the fact that it already had many disturbing aspects, the “normality” of before will be increased by drones, controls, smart-working, apps, squealers , war between the poor and the rest, the management of the Covid emergency will leave a legacy.

In recent days we have had the first taste of it: the operation of the ROS [1] of Bologna brought 7 companions in prison, as well as 5 other companions with compulsory residence and daily signatures. The motivation of the arrests is a classic, §270 bis, a disgusting associative crime that has been used for decades set up to serve years in prison. The only real difference, perhaps, due to the fact of living in the “Post-Covid”, is the arrogance of revealing the motivations on the part of the ROS with this declaration: “The intervention of the magistracy and the Carabinieri assumes a strategic preventive effect to avoid that in any further moments of social tension, caused by the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, other moments of more general “campaign of anti-state struggle”, object of the criminal program of anarchist origins, can take place”.

Reading these words shows how the forces of law and order no longer even need to hide behind the finger of democracy, they can very well make preventive arrests, based on ideas (so-called crimes of opinion) as in any dictatorship. And all this with the praise of the well-thinking citizens with their brains emptied by so much internet and TV, locked up at home without “really” talking to anyone for months.
Sure, these things happened in Pre-Covid too, but the brazenness of power has changed a lot.

The motivations for seeing democracy as a form of power not so different from dictatorship, but complementary to it, are even more evident. Indeed, from parliamentary democracy to the dictatorship of white coats, the pace has been very rapid!

The real challenge to be faced, as anarchists and revolutionaries, will be to have to fight the same crappy Pre-Covid system with all the technological means that have been tested during the Covid emergency (on the other hand, for years calls for actions, against 5g, various technologies, robotization of the existing, drones and control, were written). Even if we had imagined it, perhaps to most people it seemed pure fantasy. Right now, the fact is that this reality more and more evident: so it would not be bad that for once the fears of the cops became reality!

The fact that the night after the arrests some internet terminals in Rovereto were damaged leaving thousands of people without a network already shows us a starting point: the attack!

Returning to the comrades arrested in Bologna, we can only express our deepest solidarity and closeness. Taking up a motto read on a banner outside a court during another trial for subversive association: “If they are innocent they have all our solidarity, if guilty even more”.

Elena, Guido, Zipeppe, Stefi, Nicole, Duccio, Leo, Otta, Angelo, Martino, Tommi and Emma FREE NOW!

Fire to the state and prisons!

For anarchy

Centro di documentazione anarchico l’”Arrotino”, May 28, 2020.


[1] The Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale (ROS), or Special Operations Group, is part of the Italian Carabinieri. Founded on 3 December 1990 to coordinate investigative activities against organized crime, it is now the main investigative arm of the Carabinieri, dealing with organized crime and terrorism. The ROS reports directly to the Carabinieri General Command.

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