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#Wuppertal: Announcing the struggle against the murderous pack – Demo against police violence in solidarity with uprising in #Minneapolis – #RIP #GeorgeFloyd

Wuppertal. Germany. On Friday night a demo in solidarity with the uprising in Minneapolis and against police violence took place in Wuppertal, Germany. A reportback.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle.

When I arrived at the starting point of the demo I was a bit surprised. The cops had send some of their elderly officials. Usually the cops send them as a sort of sign of de-escalation. No riot squad at the start of the demo. Before the demo started, the cops demanded that the front banner of the demo (The front banner – image above – said: “Announcing the struggle against the murderous pack – No Justice No peace- RIP George Floyd – ACAB”) had to be changed. They were annoyed about the characters “ACAB”, in some cases German courts allow these characters, in other cases its prohibited to use these characters as some courts say its offending…

In several speeches people spoke about racist police violence in the US and beyond and police violence in general. The way George Floyd was murdered shows that the cops usually get away with it. Derek Chauvin, the cop who murdered George Floyd, did not seem to have a problem that he was filmed during the killing.

Other speakers referred to the 14 people that were killed directly and indirectly by cops in the so-called banlieus (the suburbs) in France during the Corona lockdown. The murder of Oury Jalloh , burned in police custody in Dessau (Germany), Ahmad A, who was imprisoned for 3 months although innocent because he was “mistaken” for somebody else and then also burned in his prison cell in the prison in Kleve (Germany). People also spoke about Mikael Haile killed by cops in Essen and police violence in Wuppertal, where a migrant was beaten up by cops during an ID check last month, just because he asked “why?”, when the cops wanted to see his id. The EU border regime with 10’s of thousands people killed in the Mediterranean sea was also an issue during one of the many speeches. And of course the many police controls, especially migrants and POC’s are stopped and checked by cops day by day.

Yesterdays de-escalating tactics by the cops might have a lot to do with the massive critism on the police operations during this years May Day in Wuppertal. Many people have not forgotten how the cops occupied and terrorized the Ölberg district on that day. Other parts of the city were also occupied and intimidated on the first of May, the Tacheles project was under siege for hours. Since the police brutality on May Day posters and banner are popping up regularly in Wuppertal (image below).

Banner on Schusterplatz (Ölberg district, Wuppertal) saying : “An attack against one of us, is an attack against all! #1maiwpt

After about half an hour of speeches about 60 people started marching. After about 200 meters there was a short tense moment, when a woman started to shout anti-semite remarks. Shortly after that the small, but loud and poweful demo continued to march in the city centre. People chanted “I can’t breathe” and “No Justice, no peace – Fight the police”.

After about one an half hour the demo returned to the starting point, the main train station in Wuppertal.

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