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Revolutionary Momentum Builds as Uprisings Against Police Spread Across US

The day after the third precinct in Minneapolis was burned in an unprecedented revolutionary uprising sparked by the murder of George Floyd, police cars were burned in cities around the country and one Federal Protective Service officer was killed in Oakland on Friday.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

In Atlanta, four pigs were injured in protests on Friday. Cop cars were lit on fire, and expropriations took place throughout the city. The CNN Headquarters in Atlanta was also smashed by militants.

In Brooklyn, revolutionaries threw molotovs into a police van. Militants threw bottles at police, and smashed capitalist targets. More than 200 people were arrested, but, as in Minneapolis, bus drivers refused to transport arrested protesters for police. More than 40 NYPD vehicles were damaged, and more than a dozen pigs were seriously injured in the uprising.

More than 700 National Guard were deployed to Minneapolis on Friday and 2,500 were deployed on Saturday. Major fires were lit by militants near the Minneapolis Police Department’s Fifth Precinct headquarters at Nicollet Avenue and 31st Street, including at the U.S. Post Office on Nicollet, a Wells Fargo Bank, a Stop-and-Go gas station and a Shell station on Park Avenue and Lake Street. Shots were fired also fired at pigs in the Fifth Precinct area, but there were no reports of injuries.

In Oakland, two Federal Protective Service officers were shot in an act of revolutionary justice on Friday, and one of the officers died from the shooting.

Major protests also took place in Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, and other cities throughout the country.

The revolutionary momentum is only growing. The burning of the third precinct in Minneapolis was a turning point for people around the United States to see the possibility of fighting back against white supremacist pig violence. While liberals are pursuing a counterinsurgency strategy of labeling militancy as “outside agitation,” the vast majority of those in the streets are acting in solidarity with one another, and with the goal of attacking and destroying police targets in order to achieve black liberation.

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