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#Bern, #Switzerland: Communiqué on solidarity action in front of the US Embassy

Bern. Switzerland. In Bern a solidarity action by BIPoC [1] took part yesterday, May 29, in front of the us-embassy as reaction to the recent police murders of George Floyd and Tony McDade. Furthermore, the action stands in solidarity with the people currently protesting and who are threatened by state violence.

Originally published by Barrikade Info.

The black communities, as well as communities of color and indigenous communities in the USA and Abya Yala are disproportionally being affected during the pandemic. The pandemic has to bee seen as happening inside white supremacist and patriarchal societies which force to define who is affected in what way.

Killing BIPoC by taking their breath away in a global pandemic of respiratory disease is the very core of evil.

Say their names: Sandra Bland, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Mike Ben Peter, Lamine Fatty, Hervé Mandundu, Seibane Wague, Essa Touray, Yankuba Cessay. These are some of the black people being murdered und whose names will not be forgotten. Sadly, there are many more and too often these stories go unreported or misreported.

Yesterday in Bern, the police answered again with repression: people were kettled, evacuated from the place and two people, after half hour, were still kept.

Cops in Switzerland are bearers of the structural racist system. This is constantly being shown in racist controls, violence against BIPoC, the carrying out of deportations, asylum camps, prisons, border controls, etc.

Let us fight against racism – against racism in society, against racism by the cops!
Anti-racist solidarity now!

Black lives matter!

This communiqué was written by BIPoC.


[1] BIPoC. Initialism of black, indigenous, and people of color

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