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#Brazil: The Virtual Is Death To The Being In Struggle

Brazil. We are in the middle of a planetary pandemic, on the death curve of a health crisis generated by the lords of capital. The lords of the system of white supremacy operate on the death of blacks beyond conjunctures.

Originally published and written by Hamilton Borges. Translated by Gods and Radicals.

This is not just a war adopted against the virus: it is still a racial war. Some of us insist on making virtual protests, barricades of lives guided by the coaches of the Foundations that dominate this cowered segment of Brazilian social movements. It’s more of the same glaring spirit, of activists who solve everything with conversation and reinvent profit over the misfortune of others.

The guideline is to stay at home, and they joined the avatars, which operated even before the crisis. They want to introduce us to this new militancy, without smell, without flexing, shameless.

Solidarity is not the same as this insane movement of taking photos with the donation of a food aid basket and leaving the subject served by this charity for the flies. I’m afraid these people will make demands with electoral currency at the booth of the next elections.

We will have to create our way through the reality that presents itself, our responsibility is to present to future generations a pedagogy of the real, a philosophy of the real, of real struggle, real life, and the street.

The virtual fight seems to be the only alternative, but it’s a trap. It puts us in the same building as the enemies and their collaborators. We need to escape this dungeon of fake indignation, a life made of tubes. Note the sad laughter of these cheerful selfies about everything.

The Governor of Bahia, Rui Costa, in a cheerful and smiling interview about the coronavirus, gave a declaration for the shiver of human rights anywhere on the planet… except in Bahia, a feud that the governor dominates with the power to silence affiliates, full of catch phrases on the death of blacks, but unable to override the white chief’s decision to choose a candidate for mayor of Salvador. He registered a military police officer as pre-candidate. The PM (Military Police) is the most emboldened institution, shielded from any legal offensive against its infractions, brutality and murder throughout Bahia. The losing part of the party goes live to mourn the loss, screaming to show the boss he has fiber.

The governor is cynical and has a liberal stance, smiles easy for the cameras and suggested that the increase in crime in the state is due to the exit of prisoners from the criminal dens he administers. Hermetic cages and stinking dungeons clogged with humans without rights, all ready to be infected. Rui Costa joins Jair Messias Bolsonaro, so that recommendation No. 62 of the National Council of Justice has no effect, and that women breastfeeding, women with children under 12, men over 60, people with asthma, diabetes, HIV, and other comorbidities comply with measures away from the cells so to not die infected behind bars. The Governor is responsible for the high rates of blacks killed in Bahia. Look at the real program of his party (the Worker’s Party/PT), from the administration of Jaques Wagner with his crime card-deck, police guidance booklet of tattoos, containers to arrest blacks, death, death and death.

What life demands of us is real life, real struggle, going back to the countryside, protests for life and water, support for the relatives of prisoners, the writing of literature, artistic creation, love, romance and courage.

Keep taking care of yourself to not get infected, keep protecting your family, but also study, exercise, and prepare.

We are going back to the streets.

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