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Class War Daily 3 June 2020: “We fight these bastards with all our strength with bricks and petrol bombs”

UK. The names and places have changed but it’s the same story, murderous cops trying to smash up the community who are tired of their shit. Class War reported on the 1985 Brixton riots as active participants. and were back out the day after slinging Class War on the same streets.

Originally published by Class war.

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Wednesday 3 June 2020:  here (pdf file).

“The best Saturday night out for years – bleeding brillliant – sheer inspiration fucking wonderful. We took on the murdering fascist pigs as a community on our own turf a and smashed them.

The people of the whole area were on the streets, confronting the cops – burning cars, blocking roads, bricks and petrol bombs for Brixton nick. Bill bastards running, shitting themselves – what a pity it doesn’t happen in rich areas like Hampstead. But it did spread out to Clapham, Streatham and Peckham.

Press meanwhile slithered back into the area they had been thrown out of the nigt before.

They spew out their usual fucking kak about unemployment and deprivation whilst pissing it up with putrid local politicians and uncle tom community leaders dining on their own words. Only last week they were all congratulating themselves on the absence of riots after Handsworth and Toxteth because of how the Police Force and wonderful Lambeth council is and how the community love the cops really and ‘its all the fault of a few extremists’ – kak kak kak.

The community were out on the streets Saturday cos Inspector Windy Shitpants Lovelock shot a black mother of 6 and put her in a wheelchair for life.

The result was a spontaneous explosion of class – of community hatred against the police. All this as Inspector Alec Marnoch drivelled on about ‘visiting agitators from Handsworth’ – what a load of fucking bullshit.

Now as everyone knows the riots were started organised and led by community alien stormtroopers from the red
planet Bolleaux who landed on the roof of the fucking Ritzy!! When are the stupid fucking pig shits beginning to wise up to the fact that we riot in response to the particularly violent elements of oppression by the class enemy the Cops.

We fight these bastards with all our strength with bricks and petrol bombs.”

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