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“It’s Better To Be A Rebel Than To Die In Silence,” Indigenous Prisoners On Hunger Strike in Chiapas

This Communiqué comes from a phone call informing us that Adrián Gómez Jiménez, Germán López Montejo and Abraham López Montejo have been locked up in their space of resistance at night and no longer have access to the bathroom. At the same time the prosecutor’s office are unjustly holding prisoners who have decided to start a strike after threats of a transfer.

This information is from the Grupo de Trabajo No Estamos Todxs (Warning Facebook Link) and was originally published by the Pozol Colectivo. Translated by Voices in Movement.

From the organizations The Voice of Indigenous Resistance (La Voz de Indígenas en Resistencia) and The True Voice of Amate ( La Voz Verdadera del Amate), and adherents to the Sexta Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. We are currently being held at the Cereso #5 Prison, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

To Public Opinion.

To the Networks of Resistance and Rebellion.

To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI).

To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN)

To the Sexta National and International.

To the Network Against Repression and for Solidarity.

To the Mass and Alternative Media.

To the Human Rights Defenders and NGOs.

To the Independent Organizations of Mexico and the World

Through this medium we are making our voices heard and announcing that today, Thursday, May 28, 2020, we have been blocked from accessing the bathrooms. The previous director José Javier Sánchez Ríos had prevoiusly provided us access to this area.

Today the Under Secretary of Criminal Sentencing and Security Measures came to visit and talk with us. We told him about the bathroom situation and he told us that we could use the one in the bed area but the problem is this area is locked up at 10:00pm.  So from that time on, we no longer have access to the toilets for our basic needs. These are the anomalies that we are living through with the prison authorities.

But in the end, we are still fighting. The State, together with the prosecutor’s office have already done a lot to hurt to us but our fight is dignified and no walls or bars will stop us. The State and the prosecutor’s office have stolen 16 years of my life and don’t want to give me my freedom. It is better to be a rebel than to die in silence facing these cruel, incompetent and corrupt authorities. Do whatever you have to do, whatever happens must happen, and even if the corrupt investigative police come to intimidate or beat us, we will continue to fight. The prosecutor’s office has already tortured us but we will continue to denounce this situation until we obtain our freedom.

We are also here to support four of our comrades, prisoners who are injustly behind bars because of the attorney general’s office. They started their hunger strike due to the intimidation and retailiation received at the hands of the Under Secretary of Criminal Sentencing and Security Measures. They told them if they did not stop the strike and come to some agreement, they would be transferred to Cefereso, a maximum security federal prison.

Today the three of us who are part of the organizations of La Voz Verdadera del Amate, and the Voz de Indígenas en Resistencia, who are all indigenous prisoners in resistance, will continue to strike no matter what until June 5.  We don’t care, we have already suffered enough from the State and the prosecutor’s office. Repulsive corruption exists in the state prosecutor’s office. They detain innocent people while real criminals carry large amounts of money to bribe authorities and then they look for innocent people to accuse for the crime, as has happened in our case.

Finally, we invite independent organizations and human rights defenders to take action on this sanitation situation. We denounce these irregularities, and continue to demand true justice and freedom for political prisoners, prisoners of conscience and prisoners in the struggle.

By uniting the voices and forces of the prisoners with the Mexican people, True Justice will triumph!


Adrián Gómez Jiménez (Member of the organization La Voz de Indígenas en Resistencia)

Germán López Montejo

Abraham López Montejo (Member of the organization La Voz Verdadera del Amate)

As of 28 May 2020

Source: No Estamos Todxs Working Group

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