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#GeorgeFloyd protests: Support the Jail Mutual Aid Fund

What follows is a call to raise funds for those who have been beaten during the protests and have medical bills.

Submitted to Enough 14.

Support the Jail Mutual Aid Fund

As the George Floyd protests continue to increase momentum, we have seen an escalation in police violence.  We have seen children pepper sprayed, vans attempting to run over people, and people beaten to a bloody pulp during arrests. People have been denied food,water, phone calls, and have been brutalized while detained. Most recently, a man died in custody after being pepper sprayed in his cell. 

While local and federal government can swiftly usher in mass beating, pepper spray, and kill people with impunity, it has proven to a world audience that it cannot provide the basic minimum for public health.  This could  be seen by the hundreds of thousand of preventable deaths due to COVID 19, the lack of testing, the lack of  access to protective equipment, the clearing of homeless encampments, and the blatant refusal to give adequate financial relief so that the majority of the population could realistically stay at home

Instead, it was up to us to sew masks for each other. It was  up to us to create mutual aid groups that deliver groceries to the elderly and immuno-compromised. It was up to us to organize our building during hurricane sandy.  In the present, we keep each other safe through mutual aid groups, cop watches, deportation defense, through jail support, through street medics.

Once again, we need to have each others backs. This is why we have set up this mutual aid fund, because solidarity does not stop at bail funds. While police continue to brutalize us in the streets we  need to aid those who have been jailed who need emergency medical care, stitches, x-rays, and commissary if denied bail.  In a state where violence is normalized and adequate healthcare is not, we must help aid and heal each other. Please donate here:

If you have been beaten by the police and need support contact:

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement , June 2020

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