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Class War Daily 10 June 2020: Direct action get the goods! – Destroy 500 years of colonialism! And viva #CHAZ

“A hundred castellanoes are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and it is very general and there are plenty of
dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand.”

Those are the worlds of Columbus wrote in 1500 to Doña Juana de la Torre. To secure his second expedition with the
promises “slaves as many as they shall order to be shipped,”.

Originally published by Class War Daily.

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Wednesday 10 June 2020:  here (pdf file).

This is history. You were mislead in school and whatever your thoughts on the spirit of adventure you were sold, this is our shared history. As is the genocide of the Taíno peoples.

He wasn’t a product of his age or any of that tosh either. His actions were so appalling he lost his governorship of Hispaniola and spent time in the clink, and atleast one of his crew, Bartolemé de las Casas, spent years exposing his
atrocities and treatment of the working class Spaniards both.

This is the legacy that America founds itself on. The names of slavers runs as deep in the colonies as it does back here and it seems that now, finally, now, we are seeing a line drawn under the celebration of this heritage.

So Chris got tore down, set alight and dragged into a pond. It’s not pretty, it’s not democracy but it sure as shit is the justified will of the ancestors of those who suffered unimaginable pain.


Meanwhile in Seattle after taking 8 days of heavy police violence and near persistent clouds of tear gas organisers were surprised over the weekend to see the Seattle PD pulling out of the East Precinct ahead of a march. They removed everything, rocked up with a – totally above board I’m sure – shredder truck and left in a fleet of vehicles. When they went to check out the situation, they apparently found open doors. Did they really just leave a police station and open it to be torched down like the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis?

Seems that they forgot those early days of unbridled fury have been honed into revolutionary action. BLM, Anarchists and local organisers of every strip came together, got organised and took a section of the city, around six blocks worth, and declared it the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” or affectionately CHAZ!. They established barricades mirroring tactics used by Hong Kong protestors, set up aid stations and secured the solidarity of local business owners and residents who have been supporting them.There has even been talk of ceding the space to the Duwamish nation conscious of the history of the region.

From liberal protestors organising food and hygiene facilities to insurgent militias keeping a 24 hour armed guard the people have come together. Fuck they’ve even got a band playing regular sets like it was Berlin May 1st 1999 and Atari
Teenage Riot just rocked up.

In the US and the UK both we’ve seen the state scramble to control and pacify black rage and the protests that follow. Alongside the political performances such as Starmer taking a knee and the brazen corporate hypocrisy such as LBC sharing a solidarity message against racist while keeping Farage on the books, we’re seeing some genuine results.

The overton window that was taking a nose dive towards fascism has span around. Suddenly we’ve got city councils
talking about de-funding and even abolishing police forces and soem 200 in the UK are looking to remove the last vestiages of colonialist profiteering. They are desperate to appease us blind to the fact that the anger of the working class will not be shut down with a few platitudes and promises.

Heck even as I type thousands have swarmed into the Seattle City Hall, not a day after setting up CHAZ. This is a marked departure from previous attempts to reclaim space such as Occupy and shows us that lessons from Hong Kong have been taken and the toolset available to working class voices has expanded once again. It’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see what piece of infrastructure is seized in the name of the people next!

The events in the US and those in the UK – with over 200 actions over the weekend, attended by over 100,000 – should inspire you. We cannot rest! Do not sit idly by! I suspect many readers will be on the edge of one community organisation or another, well now is the time to touch base and get motivated.

Black Lives Matter, has been a beacon in an apathetic void, get involved and help build the future!

Destroy 500 years of colonialism!



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