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Raids in #Leipzig, #Germany – Demonstration at 8:00pm (20:00)

Leipzig. Germany. June 10. 2020. Today there have been numerous house searches in Leipzig Connewitz, other districts and other cities. For Leipzig these raids today are the most extensive search operations against the “left scene” for decades.

We answer today with a demonstration at 20:00 Herderpark (Leipzig, Germany).

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

The reasons given are different, but they all have one thing in common: the repressive authorities want to search, investigate and intimidate. The measures affect individuals, but are aimed at a diverse and resistant movement.

The Special task force LinX, the Leipzig riot police and state security officials arrived this morning and are still in Connewitz. While some searches have already been completed and others are still ongoing, today and in the coming days there will be an increased number of plainclothes and uniformed cops. The cops have been preparing for this day for weeks, which means our reactions should be a mixture of actions they have expected and completely unpredictable ones.

Avoid speculation and gossip – neither on the Internet, on the phone nor in person will it help those affected! This only helps the repressive authorities, but not us as a movement!

Show your solidarity with those affected and organize demos/cpontaneous demos/direct actions and money/solidarity parties!

If you are affected yourself, contact the legal team and Roten Hilfe!

There will be a solidarity demonstration in Leipzig.

20:00 (08:00pm) Herderpark.

Come in large numbers and participate!

Show solidarity – Fire and flames for repression!

Every raid has its price.

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