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#Leipzig after yesterdays raids and demo: Defend left-wing politics!

Leipzig. Germany. June 10, 2020. What is known? According to their own statements, the cops searched nine apartments in Leipzig today. According to their own statements, they are different investigations against different defendants. The coordinated raids were also justified by the fact that Corona would be over. What the background of the repression is, however, is not revealed by state authorities. They hope for public speculation and gossip. We should not do the police and the public prosecutor’s office these favors – neither on the Internet, on the phone nor in person.

Image above: Yesterday mornings raids were answered with stones in the evening hours.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

It is already clear that for many years there have not been so many house searches in one day ( Antifascist structures are a thorn in the side of authorities in Saxony and are to be smashed.

For several years Leipzig in particular was considered a “liberal island” in the otherwise conservative (right-wing) Free State of Saxony, where critical engagement could be organised without being woken up the next morning by a task force. That too is over – and so the time for radical leftists to have a good night’s sleep is over. From our point of view, the developments in Saxony are signs of reactionary politics, forms of social hardening and the attempt to discipline even before there is anything to discipline, like in other countries in the world. The fight against “extremism” is a test field of this law and order policy. It is a declaration of war on the socially critical opposition and the preparation of a domestic armament.

Quarterly warnings of “left-wing extremist violence” against generally highly valued private property to the constant talk of a “new left-wing terrorism”, especially in Leipzig. With such rhetoric about enemy rights and civil war, what happens with anti-fascism is exactly what has shaped the history of every leftist movement: What can be integrated, ends in public service. What is resistant is pushed back into the few social, scene and subcultural niches and fixed there.

This fixing is sometimes taken literally, at least by Saxon public prosecutors’ offices: they share the view that all those who still unite under the symbol of “anti-fascist action” contribute to “organized crime” or, in Springer’s [1] view, form a “left-wing extremist mafia”. Again and again anti-fascists in Saxony are attacked under paragraph 129 StGB, “criminal association”.

The supposedly “criminal” nature of the action is the sensible decision to counter far-right terror with something practical.

We, in turn, remember the tasks of a radical left worthy of its name: it is about the conditions of radical left, socially critical and subversive interventions. It is about the self-claim of left politics. Social conditions have forced us into the niches of youth scenes and subcultures. We have to stop making the best of this coercion. Coercion must stop, even if that means to lay our hands on an order based on coercion. That is why we are not acting for the state, not to preserve its monopoly on the use of force, but on our own account. With all the risks and side-effects that this monopoly of force confronts us with.

The alternative would be a society without opposition, a state without dissent. The strikes are coming closer again, also in Leipzig – let’s strike back! Some were affected today, but they meant all of us!

Remain solidary and let us face the repression together.

In Leipzig we are pleased about solidarity actions against state and capital.

We hope that the broken cop cars and the stones on the cops today, could bring some joy to the victims of repression.

“Cops, liars, pigs, murderers!”


[1] Springer is the publishing house of German tabloid Bild and many other right-wing media.

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