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#Essen, #Germany: Adel B. was not an isolated incident! – Demonstration against racist police violence!

Demonstration against racist police violence!

Ehrenzeller Platz, Essen-Altendorf (Germany), June 20, 2020, 15:00 (03:00pm).

Originally published by Migrantifa NRW Twitter Account. Translated by Enough 14.

Justice for Adel! He is not an isolated incident!

The murder of George Floyd has shown the world how cruel racist police violence can be. People rightly now take the streets and fight for their rights. So do we, because racist police violence does not only exist in the USA. In Essen, too, there are more and more cases of police brutality, especially against people with a migration background. Provided with additional powers as a result of the Corona pandemic and encouraged by the lack of a response to police brutality and political backing, the harassment, arbitrary police checks and physical attacks are increasing, especially in the working class districts of Essen. The Central Foreigners Authority (ZAB) and the Public Order Office are also increasingly involved in this everyday terror. In the meantime, it is a sad reality that people with a migration background are killed by the hands of the police in this city.

The Adel B. case

This was also the case on June 18th last year. On that day Abel B. was shot by the police through the closed door of his hallway. Before that, Adel had contacted the emergency services and threatened to kill himself in order to get psychological help. Adel had already called the emergency services the week before, at which time a counselor was sent, and Adel was placed in psychiatric treatment. He was released from this treatment by order of the judge. On the day of Adel’s death, the emergency call centre did not send a counselor again, but only officers of the Essen police force, who confronted Adel with a pulled gun. Although Adel discussed the matter with them, in the meantime putting the knife aside and eventually making his way home, he was finally shot by the police. In retrospect, it was claimed that Adel had attacked the police officers with a knife. Videos that appeared about the incident refute the lies of the police.

The Mikael Haile case

In 2017, Mikael Haile, who was born in Eritrea, was also shot by the police. The police claimed to have acted in self-defense, as Mikael allegedly attacked them with a knife. There is no evidence of this. Since the beginning of this year, police brutalities in Essen have increased even more: The most well known case is that of the Ayoub family. Here the police appeared because of an alleged disturbance of peace. Under this pretext, two police officers wanted to enter the Ayoub family home. When Omar Ayoub claimed his right and wanted to see a search warrant, he and his family were insulted and physically attacked by police officers. In retrospect, the family is accused of having connections to organized crime. The lies are intended to ensure that there is no solidarity with the Ayoub family. This and other cases, such as that of Ridvan Saado in February, who was beaten up at the Altenessen police station, or the attack on a family from Mülheim, who were chased through the whole city by the police after they wanted to file a report at a police station, show that racially motivated police assaults in Essen are not an exception but is systematic.

Racism and police violence is systematic

When those affected vent their anger at this racist approach and expose the behaviour of the police, lies are told by the police, slander by the media and prosecution by the state attorney. On the other hand, the “investigations” against police officers always run in the sand and are systematically swept under the carpet, as the Oury Jalloh case has shown. With such backing, police officers can beat or even shoot people without being hindered. They do not need to fear punishment. Entire districts such as Altendorf have been declared to danger zones, which means, among other things, random or “suspicion-free” identity checks. The target of the checks are young people with a migration background. Under the cover of fighting crime, the police are allowed to intimidate migrant parts of the population and criminalize them publicly and in the media, above all in the “WAZ”.

All this is a necessary part of imperialism. We are to be divided into “Germans” and “migrants” of different countries of origin, so that we fight each other instead of the existing conditions. Thus racism in this country serves as a pretext to expose a large part of the working people to more exploitation and oppression and paves the way for wars of aggression all over the world. One thing must be clear to us: We should not play this game for them and we should not let ourselves be played out against each other.

It is up to us to bring about change

We don’t want to take any more of this harassment. Time and again people with a migration background are attacked and criminalized. It affects us, our neighbours, colleagues at work, friends and relatives. Therefore we call for a demonstration. We want to take our rage to the streets together with you. Nobody stands alone. Justice for Adel and all victims of police violence!

Come to the demonstration, report about the attacks you experience and mobilize with us!

Send us videos of your experiences with police violence.

Calling persons and organizations:

Ayoub Family

Initiative Justice for Adel

Freiends of Mikael

Ruhrjugend (Ruhryouth)

Relatives of Adel

Migrantifa NRW


Ehrenzeller Platz, Essen-Altendorf (Germany), June 20 ,2020, 15:00 (03:00pm).

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