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Corona: Plague or Cholera – Nazis and the State

Actually this text was supposed to be about Nazis, preppers and other far right people. But that doesn’t always work without saying at least a few words about state, patriarchy and all that Corona shit. Well, then…

Originally published in Autonomes Blättchen Nr. 41 Jun – 20 Aug (Full issue, PDF) in German. Translated by Enough 14.

There’s no place like home anyway

We are currently facing several very different threats. A pandemic, a virus that is spreading all over the world and has already killed around 400,000 people worldwide, most of whom had already suffered from other health problems, the elderly and the poor, many in countries that either have a health care system that is not functioning properly after cuts or have never had a welfare state. Even here, in rich Germany, people die from the virus. This requires a certain caution in handling. The pandemic also strengthens all the structures that were already shitty before. Patriarchy, for example, which has hidden itself in the call “stay at home”, a home that means physical and emotional violence for many. The patriarchy that shows itself when others regulate you, lock you up, lock you out “for your own good”. And a patriarchy that speaks in numbers and statistics, that uses the power of science to decide whether people are allowed to meet, who is given artificial respiration and who is not, whether basic rights are suspended, whether prisoners may still have visitors etc. By the power of virology, the lockdown for public life is decided and by the power of suitable economists the maintenance of wage labour. In doing so, science dresses itself in the guise of reason and objectivity, which always takes into account its own interests, the axioms of its own thinking and is trying to hide it. Everyone and anybody else who knows exactly what is right and what is wrong at the moment, are ideologists, who in the best case do not realize how patriarchally incapacitating the whole scenery is, or which, at worst, are fine with it.

Sovereign is he who is above…

For us, being anti-patriarchal also means being anti-state because the state is probably the most powerful ally of patriarchy. The state stages itself in an authoritarian way during this crisis. He decides every risk assessment for his citizens. And for those who do not understand that from state prescribed action means reasonable action, it has all the means of restriction at its disposal, which are part of the repertoire of the state and even some more, because this is a state of emergency. And so father state demands his unreasonable children to behave responsibly. But because they do not know how to do that… they can only go out with two people. Whether they follow the new rules at home,
he controls by informers and even better, by the latest statistics to ensure that, when the infection rate rises again, to have those who are responsible immediately. The fatherly warning, “if you do not behave yourself, you get house arrest” is hanging threateningly over the social behaviour of the population, who are no longer supposed to demonstrate, but are still going to work.

And even in the undogmatic left, the anti-state call for self-determination has become rather quiet. We have often heard from “our own people” that the measures of the state were and are not so bad. And the only answer we can think of is that regardless of whether we wear masks or keep distance to others or even stay at home, regardless of that, a state that dictates us to do so and to criminalize any infringement, and sends out his henchmen to oversee this, this state and its apologists deserve nothing but our enmity.

Like 2015

The disputes taking place in the ranks of the government are not ours. There are arguments between etatists with neoliberals, whether the state should continue the lockdown or whether it should be “relaxed” in favour of the economy, because “the Economy suffers from Corona”. It’s kind of an old debate between plague and cholera and we think it’s very it’s good to hate both sides. There is no way we will take sides in this dispute between the only two legitimate social positions. Where social reality is reduced to a binarity (primacy of the state or primacy of the economy), since the fault line is not far away. Binarity also always means, that a third cannot exist. And because the hegemonic linguistic order apparently just agreed to continue their authoritarian policies (whether neoliberal or etatist) sell the historical definitions of the left (keyword: “solidarity”), it is quite practical that the third party is currently on the the rightwing side. The rejection of the Corona measures is rightwing, protesting is rightwing, criticize this or that like digitalisation, biopolitics, the pharmaceutical industry is right-wing and political resistance even more. So in every case illegitimate (at least as long as they still refuse to form a coalition in one way or another, programmatically it fits quite well). And that is probably the other choice, that’s being left to us right now. To be on the side of the state (of science, of reason) or on the side of the far-right, the conspiracy tellers, the anti-semites. We reject and at the same time we think once again that somehow it’ s our own fault. “We don’t have a pandemic plan” is what we heard the other day. With “we” they meant the undogmatic radical left. This is true well, and somehow, we should talk. So we can make plans before the next wave comes, because one thing is clear. The “measures” will certainly become more restrictive and the Nazis are getting stronger…

The Great Awakening

There are a number of reports about Nazis that are currently worrying us. In March 2020, in NRW, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, according to “authorities”, Prepper are supposed to take weapons and ammunition from hiding places, the so-called safehouses, in preparation for a Day X. The federal government warns of an increased terrorist threat. We’re reading this in conjunction with the Hannibal investigation by german daily taz. They made public that an armed group of Nazi preppers, Nazi elite soldiers and Nazi cops have formed a nationwide “shadow army” with plans for a coup d’état, which makes provisions for a day X, i.e. for the imminent collapse of the state order. According to these plans they want to carry out mass killings of political opponents on this day X. The body bags were already ordered. On 7.4.2020 we read aninternal appeal to Germany’s preppers, asking them to change their strategy. While Prepper has so far tended to move below the radar, the recent letter contains an appeal to form local meetings, to network in order to build alternatives to this system. In this respect Joint actions should also be planned. In the chats of those who meet on saturdays to demonstrate, there are several Nazi preppers and in the chats of the preppers there are several calls to demonstrate on Saturdays. Just as the preppers are alarmed, so are pretty much all far-right-wing spectrums one can imagine. It is striking that in all the spectra conspiracy mystics move like fish in water. The story of QAnon is booming, a story that is mainly told by Trump supporters. In short, people who call themselves QAnon believe that there is a worldwide conspiracy of mainly liberals, Hollywood actors and Jews who are planning a coup and are also involved in an international children’s trafficking ring to extract adrenochrome from children trapped in camps underground. Adrenochrome is a metabolic product of adrenaline, which is said to give eternal youth to the conspirators. Trump is considered a great antagonist, a champion against the “Deep State” and a liberator of the imprisoned children. The slogan of QAnon is WWG1WGA (“Where we go one, we go all”), a distinctive sign of the whole often is just the Q. It’s almost a little embarrassing, to bother you with this story. But there are two reasons for spreading this around. 1. the striking similarity of this story to the one told about Jews who allegedly (!) used the blood of christian children to produce mattresses. This medieval rumor of anti-Judaism had its boom during the plague and was the impetus for numerous pogroms.

We find this analogy depressing. And two, there are really a lot of people who believe in that kind of thing here, too. For example. Xavier Naidoo, who strongly promotes QAnon. QAnon people are active in several German far-right forums and on the demos of the so-called lateral thinker they move unchallenged. The impressibility to conspiracy stories is huge. Vaccination, a likewise very big issue there, is suspected of implementing chips for mind control. The COVID-19 pandemic was invented in order to create the “New World Order”, said Attila Hildmann, the pinup boy of the Saturday demonstrators.

Preppers, conspiracy tellers, anti-semites, the mixture is a tough one and in addition there are the traditional far-right groups and parties that take the streets on Saturdays and currently have a strategic wait-and-see attitude and a slightly different attitude towards the pandemic. If one leaves the virus free rein, it decimates the population “naturally”, pardon… “Volk” (the people), namely the weak and the elderly and the sick. Only the strong survive. A dream for every folkish group.

We’ve observed that those who simply go out on Saturdays to stand up for basic rights and demonstrate against an authoritarian state only, are rather marginal. More likely to be the majority, who have already protested against the “Merkel government” in 2015. Anyway, the same online forums are used by a number of cities for mobilization and political exchange. And sometimes there are also very open debates about the smartest way to arm yourself and to know who is armed and with what kind of weapons. And that it is important to have soldiers in your own ranks in case there’s a systemic crash and Muslims would take power. As much as we’d like to, we shouldn’t just dismiss these people as lunatics. Not because they are not, but because they are many and determined, and so it takes not much, that one or even a lot of them will go crazy. What if there’s a Covid 19 vaccine and a mandatory vaccination or something? Would that be day X for one or the other?

From time to time we hear from comrades that it might be good to make “an offer” for those who march on Saturdays. We are also completely perplexed what is happening, irritated by the superior number of enemies, by their differences, by their fights among each other. But we also know: we don’t want to make any offers because… We are not political machines. The driving force must lie somewhere other than in “one should”. Within us, in the unbearable social conditions, in the deep rejection of the state and its henchmen or in the unrestrained rage over the folkish ideology and its defenders or in the passionate hatred against patriarchal paternalism.

It’s important for us to talk, to see each other in this situation. Right, so offline. We want to plan, discuss, argue. We’re grateful for any left pace which is open. We are glad about the call from Rigaer to open the centers. We need meetings, small and big, autonomous assemblies. We want to get smarter together, more angry. We missed you.

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