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#Bremen – #Gröpelingen: In memory of the 54-year-old killed by cops on Thursday

Bremen. Gröpelingen. Germany. Here is some more information on the racist police murder last Thursday. Compiled by a neighbourhood initiative in Gröpelingen, which organized a gathering in Gröpelingen last Saturday.

Originally published by End of Road.

On Thursday, a 54-year-old Bremen was killed by police in an operation. Authorities are keeping low and giving out little information. According to our information, the tenant contract of the affected person was previously terminated without notice by the housing company Espabau. After a visit from employees of the company at home, he should be forced to be taken by the police to the social psychiatric service for “investigation”. The man fought back against this, but later also took a knife in his hand to defend himself. The police officers have further escalated the situation with four weapons and pepper spray aimed at him. After police used pepper spray, the man ran off and was killed with two shots.

We ask ourselves: Why would the man be brought to an investigation against his will accompanied by police? Why do armed police officers go to a person known to suffer from strong fears? Why wasn’t the mission cancelled when it became clear that the situation was escalating?

The media always talks about the man being „mentally ill“ and had a knife as if this was the explanation for his death and justification for killing.

We say: What kind of sick system is this where people are pushed into such difficult situations of life? Where a company can quit their home? In which a person with mental health problems is cornered to the point that he faces four armed persons.

And we keep asking ourselves: Would the situation have gone the same way if it had been Schwachhausen or Oberneuland? If the person had been white and German? If the person had been rich?

Against police violence
Against racism
Against stigma
Against dismissals and forced evictions

End of Road June 23, 2020: Mohamed Idrissi was thrown out of his apartment, threatened and shot. The video shows what really happened. Mohamed’s family asks to share the video.

Trigger Warning! Graphic Video!

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