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The perspective of democratic autonomy

Komun Academy on the kurdish struggle and the perspective of democratic autonomy.

Originally published by Komun Academy.

The perspective of the nation state

– In the nation state, there is only a centralist, monistic and bureaucratic perspective.

– All competences are centralised; because of this peculiarity, problem solving becomes cumbersome and lame.

– Societies, peoples and identities are forced into conflicts, denial and destruction, and the lack of solutions.

– There is little freedom, little democracy, but many prohibitions.

– The nation state is based on repressive autocracy.

– It is based on prohibitions.

– Different values are attacked.

– The government takes up its work by appointment from the Centre.

  • The nation state is based on the centre.
  • It is based on individualism, disregarding the woman and her will.

The perspective of democratic autonomy

– Democratic autonomy is based on local, democratic, pluralistic, equitable, solidarity-based and participatory cooperation.

– Problems find their solution in the own local dynamics. All individuals are subjects.

– Rights, freedom, peace, the coexistence of different identities and beliefs are taken as a basis.

– There is much freedom, much democracy, few prohibitions.

– Self-administration is a principle.

– Democratic autonomy is freedom.

– Each element of diversity protects its own existence.

– The government comes into being through a local election.

– Democratic autonomy is based on local conditions.

– It is based on sociality, free society and the freedom of women.

Building Democratic Autonomy

The construction is the interplay and totality of political, social, economic, organizational and ideological struggles. To this extent, all social structures, institutions and democratic groupings are responsible for organizing, developing and implementing it. The process of construction is a common and comprehensive struggle of all social structures. The total special war of the system can only be responded to with total systemic resistance by developing these structures and organizing them socially.

The bodies and institutions that participate in this process of social organization should play a vanguard role in this phase. In order to meet the needs of society, institutions native to the existing system are to be established. Instead of remaining in a withdrawn expectation, a local organization should answer the social needs as a precondition for the functioning of basic democracy.

Civil society organisations and democratic circles should beware of locating themselves and their practice outside of democratic autonomy only as friendly circles. The social system can only function if all forces within it assume their responsibilities. These circles must stop supporting the system only from the outside, but must understand themselves as a part of it and fulfil the resulting needs.

The development work for this social system is possible with the help of management cadres. To be the avant-garde of society means above all to start with oneself. Those who do not do this will remain bureaucratic and centralistic. With these characteristics, social organization will not be possible. With this behaviour, a cadre that cannot transform itself will not reach a social level, will restrict itself and therefore also the work, instead of being creative, will fall into a state of expectation and be absorbed in the existing system.

A people whose life takes place outside the statist system is fighting for the systematization of such a life outside the state. History has shown that peoples must organize themselves to protect their existence and their freedoms. Only the reality of a people organizing and fighting can stop the despotic encroachment of the system. The people, who are very conscious of this, are trying to build their own system in different parts of Kurdistan with resistance until death.

The pioneering role of women in democratic autonomy

The contradictions between the sexes are the most fundamental social problems of our age. The issue of women is the main cause of all these problems. At the root of all forms of exploitation, domination and hegemonic relationships is the subjugation of the female sex.

This is why self-government defines sexual discrimination as a systemic issue and takes a strategic stance against it.

It is committed to the struggle for the abolition of inequality between social (constructed) gender roles (sexism), advocates the liberation from any form of male-dominated hegemonic attitudes in all areas of society (social, political, cultural, economic, etc.) and, in this sense, strives for a new order as its main goal.

A struggle is being waged against social sexism. In accordance with the principles of an equal, free and democratic life, relations between society and individuals are being established.

The nation state, using the example of women, representing the oldest colonized nation in history, has plunged society into the deepest exploitation. Social liberation requires a constant struggle against this persistent sexist ideology. This will only lead to a free individual and a free woman if the democratic nation is built.

Without the liberation of women as a central element, the struggle for equality and freedom cannot be true, it cannot provide freedom and equality. All educational and organizational work is carried out on this basis.

The struggle for women’s freedom is regarded as a science and institutionalised by the independent organisation of the women’s movement in councils, communities, cooperations, associations etc., and a democratic organisation is achieved in every area of life. Especially for the building phase of the democratic nation, it must be emphasized that the salvation and liberation of society can only be achieved through the salvation and liberation of women.

– Women as the creative and creative force of social morality are also the driving force of moral and political society.

– It is women who make society society, create culture, embody it, give continuity, energy to life and create diversity through renewal.

– Social peace is secured by the building of free life through free women.

– Women represent the fundamental dynamic in the democratisation of politics.

– Women are pioneers both in social life and in all areas of organisation and work.

The pioneering role of youth in democratic autonomy

Young people, who have utopias and ideals of freedom, justice and equality and who do not give up trying to shape their lives accordingly, are the driving force for any social change and transformation. They represent the present strength of the people and are the vanguard in shaping the future. Within the youth movement an independent movement of young women is organized. The youth, with its dynamism, energy and avant-garde role in social change, plays an active role in the rebuilding of society and its defence, and is involved at the highest level in this phase.

The youth fight against any practice of prohibition that hinders organized participation in social, political, cultural and economic life.


Nowadays, the efforts of nation states are aimed at oppressing society and putting it in a cage.

It is only through their own dynamics that peoples are able to protect and live their sociality and thus the basis of their existence. The will and struggle to build democratic autonomy and its concrete social expression, the system of self-government, also demonstrates this.

This is a system whose implementation is necessary not only in certain provinces and districts of Kurdistan, but also in the whole of Turkey. That is why we say that this system, whose vanguard today is the Kurd*, means the struggle for the democratization of Turkey and the liberation of Kurdistan.

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