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No justice no peace! A mural about a night in #Stuttgart

Today it’s one month ago that George Floyd was murdered by cops in the USA. The event unleashed an unprecedented dynamic in the United States. Tens of thousands of people in Germany also took to the streets in solidarity with George Floyd and against racist police arbitrariness and violence in Germany.

In Stuttgart this protest took a different form last weekend

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

It is the image of a youth that does not want to continue to be harassed by the police, that shows solidarity with those affected by police controls, that has realized that the police are not their friends and helpers.

Instead of thinking about what causes the hatred against the cops, the media, especially the Stuttgarter Zeitung, spread racist thinking. Politicians think they can get the problem under control with more police, more surveillance and more restrictions.

Bullshit! As long as the police harass poor and migrant people on a daily basis, as long as they evict people from their homes because they cannot pay the rent, as long as it is used to repress any social movement, as long as they have a Nazi problem, hatred against cops will remain legitimate.

One video went viral last week. It shows a person trying to free another person from a cop kneeling on him. Activists dedicated a mural to this scene in downtown Stuttgart.

No Justice, no peace! Fight the Police!

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