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Restructuring the Enough Info-Café: The struggle continues

On March 13, nine days before the Corona related lockdown started in Germany, the Enough Info-Café closed for two months. On May 13, the Info-Café was partially reopend. We started a mutual aid project, which is still continuing today. But to survive these in times of Corona, we need to change our concept a bit and we also need your support.

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In a previous statement we wrote that one of the main reasons why the actual Café (gastronomy) part will be closed until further notice is the fact that:

“The state imposed restrictions on Cafés in general. The new (temporary?) regulation says that bars and restaurants have to keep record of the names of all visitors. If we would open the actual Café (gastronomy), we would be forced to do that. If we keep the café part closed, we don’t have to do that. We refuse to keep record of all names of people who visit the Enough Info-Café, and as long as this regulation is imposed on us we will not even think about reopening the gastronomy part of the Info-Café. We are no snitches!

More than a month later people are allowed to consume in huge shopping malls without giving their personal details, but the restrictions in bars and restaurants are still imposed on us. So the actual Info-Café is still closed.

The shop is open and the mutual aid project, outside, in front of the Info-Café is continuing. Many people from the neighbourhood come to get some food and other basic everyday needs like for instance toothpaste or soap for free. We also disribute leaflets and stickers and there are often inspiring discussions at the “For Free and Outside” tables in front of the Café. Especially since the police murder on George Floyd and the growing economic crisis its even more clear that the struggle against authority and capitalism continues. More and more people are getting involved.

But its increasingly dificult to finance our expenses. Its inevitable to make some changes in our concept in order to maintain the Enough Info-Café. We plan to expand our Shop section with more books and vegan fair trade products, produced by collectives and cooperatives. We will also start offering bio sanitary products which are also produced by collectives and cooperatives. We will of course also continue to offer Zapatista coffee and clothes. We hope that we will be able to sell some more products after these changes in order to cover our expenses in the future.

We of course will also reopen the actual cafè (gastronomy) part of our space as soon as we have found an answer to the state measures or when these state measures are being lifted.

We have to renovate our space a bit, but we will do that on the days that we are closed (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday), so that there will be no break in the mutual aid project. But we also need your support to keep the Enough Info-Café open.

Some of the Enough <info-Café June 28, 2020.

Enough Info-Café, Wiesenstrasse 48, 42105, Wuppertal, Germany.

We need your support to keep the Enough Info-Café open and to finance the renovation. Keep us going. You can support our work by ordering something in our shop or you can donate (see below the images for details).

We created a solidarity t-shirt (Image below) for the Enough Info-Café. You can order an Enough Info-Café solidarity T-shirt here:

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Donation for our work in the Enough 14 info-café (More needed than ever before in times of the coronavirus). Even 1€ can make a difference.


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Name of the bank: GLS Bank

Account holder: Renatus Schuijlenburg

IBAN: DE03 4306 0967 4120 6275 00

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