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Worldwide revolt against the police

There is no doubt that the revolution of our time contains a profoundly anti-police “sentiment”. The proletarian youth in its broadest sense are marked by a clear rejection of the institutions of “public order”: police and armies, which personify the barrier between a private and commercial world and our lives and needs.

Originally published by Vamos Hacia La Vida. Translated by Enough 14.

In early childhood, the figure of the policeman is caricatured to us as a police officer and a thief, and the notion of punishment, but with the development of adolescence and youth in our class, it is embodied in constant harassment, an almost metaphysical presence of state control: the pacos [1]. The arrogance and abuse of power of these brainless paid workers, as opposed to the “noble” figure of the obliging and protective “carabinero”, develops within the proletariat, ever earlier, a considerable amount of rage and rejection towards this state representation (perhaps the first and most ostensible expression of the State in our lives).

The police also present themselves as the main enemy of the mobilization of proletarians: strikes, marches or rallies, and even a common kitchen, function as a pretext for state’s violence to be brought under police control rapidly. In history, the police and the army are responsible – and they are proud of it – with hundreds of killings of unarmed working people around the world. To not go too far back in time, we can remember more than 30 deaths in 6 months since the “social explosion” of October 18 in this territory.

So it is not surprising that the main target of the incipient revolutions of our time is the police: all over the world people hate the cops. This sentiment is evident in the proliferation of anti-police slogans and claims against these institutions. It is not surprising that the murders they commit are the triggers of revolts; as in recent years with the deaths of Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Greece, Camilo Catrillanca in Araucania in 2018, and just a few days ago, those of George Floyd and Giovanni Lopez [2] in the United States.

Antagonistically, the most recalcitrant bourgeoisie defends these institutions with special passion. In the nostalgia of the old servile relations, the police and the armies platonically embody the whole heritage of bourgeois ideology: uniforms, order and country, family, work and property. In this romance they alloy and protect their serfs without any concealment. They offer them guarantees and their total support, because they know that the true frontier for the existence of their wealth lies in their hands. Obviously, like everything in the ideology of the bourgeoisie, all the mystification of this armed wing of capital falls apart when we look more closely. All the Republican and patriot talk translates into millionaire embezzlement, drug trafficking, theft and the deepest hatred for the proletariat, whom they claim to defend.

With the excuse of the coronavirus, we have seen all this violence exacerbated and the military and police controlling the streets showing their worst face with impunity, while the proletarians die in their homes, in the streets or while waiting for medical care. In the midst of the health and economic crisis, the state’s main concern has been to armor itself, deploying itself in the territories and investing public funds in security – its security – as it has been doing in Araucania [3] for decades and, as if that wasn’t enough, deploying special violence in recent months [4], as seen in recent weeks in the hills of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso.

The revolution of our time is profoundly anti-police because it has preserved in its core all the shameless violence that has been imposed on us for centuries, because it has seen through its actions that all that violence was justified only to enrich a few; it has recognized that this world has been built against us and that there is no future in it. The current revolution is anti-police and anarchic and this can mean both its success and its failure; the intrinsic rejection of police institutions can become a limit for the movement when it is unable to understand that the transcendental are not the guardians of the mercantile kingdom, but the very social relationship of commodities. Indeed, anti-police rage, if global and united, could break down the barrier that sustains the social system of the rich, but if it is not expressed in a strict social reorganization of life on the basis of community, this barrier will easily be raised again. Behind the irrational violence of the police forces is the irrationality of a world where things dominate human beings, and we can only meet each other through these things, and here lies the crux of the matter: overcoming this form of social relation develops on a different level from the confrontation with its armed apparatuses. Getting out and giving back all the shit in which we have been buried is not an act of simple and necessary revenge, but a total transformation that reconciles humanity itself with the whole world.

Worldwide revolution against the police and all states!

Capitalism is only more misery and catastrophe!

Living without capitalism is possible!

Vamos Hacia la Vida, June 26, 2020


[1] Paco, el pig (derogatory for: police officers)

[2] Giovanni Lopez was murdered by cops in Mexico, not in the USA.

[3] Araucanía is Chile’s poorest region in terms of GDP per capita. About a third of the region’s population is ethnic Mapuche, the highest proportion of any Chilean region. The Araucanía Region has been the main location of the confrontations of the ongoing Mapuche conflict, as the Mapuche have pressed their land claims against the central government.

[4] It is in this context that we have seen the most brutal violence of the cops and where their relationship with the capitalist class is most visibly expressed, in a real war for the retaking of the territory for their forest industry bosses. On June 4, the Mapuche community member Alejandro Treuquil, who had denounced weeks before the constant police harassment of his community, was killed.

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