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#Berlin: All out in rage against kick-off of wave of evictions! Demonstration on August 01, 2020 – 20:00 (08:00pm) – #Berlin – Herrfurthplatz

Call for an enraged start of evictions // Evictions – deportations – fascisation – break out of the defensive – demonstration on August 1, 2020 – 8:00 pm (20:00) – Berlin – Herrfurthplatz.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

Times have been rough since before Corona. The fascisation of society is progressing. The danger of socialism and the hatred of everything on the left is evoked like a prayer wheel. The horseshoe theory [1] enjoys great popularity. Under the cloak of totalitarian theories and far away from any kind of facts, a constant equating of two supposedly equal extremes against a conjured up bourgeois “middle” is pursued. This liberal-bourgeois equation of socialism and fascism has a certain tradition in Germany, as does the collaboration of this bourgeois “middle” with fascism in order to take action against socialism, or against everything they perceive as a socialist danger. This is also the case with their anti-feminism, another interface between the “bourgeois-conservative middle” and fascists, which aims to maintain the conservative ideas of their system of rule by maintaining the binary gender order and, to this end, tries to turn back the achievements of feminist movements.

Fascist terror attacks in Hanau and Halle, far-right networks that organize & arm themselves, armed fascists in the state apparatus that prepare for civil war, secret service and state involvement in the NSU that are kept under lock and key. This list could easily be extended. The fascist danger is real.

In addition to this, an EU foreign policy that is based on compartmentalization – after the deal with the Erdogan regime has outsourced the dirty work to Turkey or Libya in recent years – refugees on Europe’s external borders now find themselves at the mercy of armed militias of border police, Frontex and fascist assistants. Not only in the name of the EU on the Greek Mediterranean islands, but also with the German camp system, Germany relies on the means of terror through isolation, psychological/physical violence and deportation. The fruitless appeals to respect human rights, as the Unteilbar (indivisible) coalition has done, are laughed at.

Whether during the elections and the associated so-called “crevasse” in Thuringia or the harsh reactions of the real estate lobby, the liberal-conservative political class and the Springer rags on the Berlin rent cap have shown once again: The ruling class of the FRG fears everything left-wing more than fascism. Because we want to abolish private ownership of means of production and the profit interests of the ruling class, that is, we want to shake the foundations of this bourgeois order. Because the ruling order is not the status quo, which has to be defended against all these dangers, but is ahead of the threatening disasters by way of a condition.

We are living in times of crisis, which are further intensified by the global pandemic. While on the one hand incredible wealth has accumulated, more and more people are slipping into precarious living conditions. The stagnation of actual wages and the worsening of employment conditions caused social inequality even before Corona, as it did 100 years ago. Capitalism is turning the Corona crisis into an existential fear for many of us. Social and economic inequalities are becoming more visible than ever. While millions of workers are on short-time work and have to forego a large part of their wages, billions are being squandered to save major corporations. On top of this comes the capitalist madness of rent, the profit machine of the owners of our living space. While the owners of real estate make massive profits, a large part of the population has to fight with a deterioration of living conditions by means of drastically increasing rents. To make matters worse, even during the pandemic the rents and thus the profits for the owners should continue to flow, while a large part of our incomes are lost. The consequences: Displacement, in the last consequence by police truncheons, by eviction. The neo-liberalization of the economy, the privatization of state services and the gradual reduction of social benefits attest to a success story of a class struggle from above, a permanent expropriation of our livelihoods. This will become even more acute in the course of the crisis, attacks on our living and working conditions of an unknown scale are imminent when it comes to passing on the costs of saving the capitalist economic system to us.

The constant babbling about left-wing extremism and left-wing violence thereby disguises the immanent and continuous violence of the existing conditions. Precisely for this reason, we must not allow the nationwide media landscape and political decision-makers to dictate the means of our struggle out of premature obedience.
The state, in the form of its police, has almost been able to perfectionize the repressive control of demonstrations. Since we see ourselves as part of a political movement that wants to overcome the bourgeois-capitalist state, we should not be surprised by the attacks of the institutions that are there to fight us, but we must finally succeed in countering the resulting powerlessness.

In these harsh times, in which the radical left is marginalized and struggles weakened, indeed almost powerless, for connection, we see quite acutely a whole series of emancipatory self-managed spaces and projects in danger. What is at stake is no less than a whole series of places of radical left networking, organizing and coming together against this total shit.
All these projects are an image of the future, a future without elbows and pressure to exploit, without “survival of the fittest” or exclusion of the weakest. All these projects were and are places of a solidary, non-commercial, resistant and self-managed coexistence. And now many of these places are threatened with extinction in a very short time.

Not only the Syndikat (syndicate) is under immediate threat; in every corner of Berlin, house projects, youth centres, alternative lifestyles and other collective pubs are on the brink of collapse. Every day, tenants are evicted from their apartments or are forced to move or leave immediately.
The anarcha-feminist house project Liebig34, including the event space and information shop, is threatening to disappear after almost 30 years. The self-managed youth centre Potse has kept its premises occupied since the beginning of last year and is awaiting eviction. Almost 40 years of self-organised and non-commercial youth work are to disappear into uncertainty here. The collective bar Meuterei, an important point of contact in the increasingly upgraded rich neighborhood in Kreuzberg, must leave after more than 10 years. The Rigaer94 housing project is under constant fire from its dubious owners and the state.

As long as we live in a society that follows the logic of capital accumulation and housing is traded as a commodity in order to generate profit, the displacement spiral in the city will continue. Gentrification, repression and forced evictions will transform our neighborhoods with a lively neighborhood culture into dead, alienated and hostile places of exploitation. An image from the future of the city of the rich, which is to be prevented, can already be seen today at Potsdamer Platz. Our common struggle must therefore also be one against the existing ownership structures and for the socialization of living space and means of production, so that our basic existential needs, such as secure and affordable living space, are no longer the plaything of exploitative interest.

Time is running out, resources seem limited. The eviction of the syndikat is supposed to be the start of a whole series of evictions in Berlin. Therefore we call on all those who do not want to accept the existing conditions to gather for a furious and determined demonstration on the Saturday before the planned eviction of the Syndikate, on August 1, 2020 at 8:00 pm (20:00). Come to the demonstration organized and prepared from everywhere, form affinity groups, bring banners, pay attention to announcements. The demo will be what we make of it together. There is no master plan for it, but it is time to try something new or to fall back on what has been tried and tested before. Because it can be said that another demo with the fainting experience of a marching kettle cannot be an option for us.

Sabotage the ruling conditions! For a city from below! We all stay!


[1] The horseshoe theory is used for by various rulers to discredit leftwing and anarchist opposition and asserts that the far-left and the far-right, rather than being at opposite and opposing ends of a linear political continuum, closely resemble one another, analogous to the way that the opposite ends of a horseshoe are close together. Which is of course bullshit but our rulers were not unsuccessful as many media outlets picked it up.

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