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#Italy: Provisional Notes on #5G

The reasons for opposing the 5G network are many, often overshadowed by the predominant (and absolutely legitimate) concern driven by an extremely noxious technology that will invade bodies and spaces with grave consequences from the point of view of health and environmental pollution. But when it comes to 5G we cannot just think of a mere advancement of the current 4G network, therefore a more rapid way of navigating. When we talk of 5G we can’t even see it as “just” yet another toxicity, and oppose it exclusively in terms of health safety of individuals and protection of the environment. The 5G network is above all a necessary infrastructure for the various actors in the field. For the bosses to increase profits on the backs of the workers; for States to increase social control within national borders, and to better orchestrate military operations on the various war fronts.

Let’s take a look at these aspects…

Originally published by Round Robin. Translated by Act for Freedom Now!

Yet another infrastructure for the bosses’ benefit

The 5G network will permit more simultaneous connections and passing of data with zero delay. These characteristics are fundamental for the large scale explosion of technologies that use Artificial Intelligence. As we know, Artificial Intelligence is becoming part of the production process by replacing human labour (or trying to).

Thus the worker is becoming more and more dependent on a mechanism, often without knowing how it works, more and more alienated, more and more dominated by work rhythms dictated from above. Their autonomy can only be reduced. They are no longer a protagonist but the terminal of a machine which, if it doesn’t overwhelm them, is because it has already kicked them out of the production process and taken their place. The 5G network corresponds more to the needs of industrialists than to those of average users (as they want us to believe). In fact, the Industry 4.0 model foresees that industrial plants (manufacturing, post-production and energy generation) will benefit from services created on the new mobile network.

A case in point is the experimentation in course in the port of Livorno. This initiative is part of a wider European project, “Corealis, port of the future”, which also affects the ports of Valencia, Piraeus, Anvers as part of the Horizon 2020 program. Experimentation began as part of the 5G for Italy program, a platform created in 2016 by Ericsson and TIM and involves industries, universities and public institutions for the development of innovative use of fifth generation mobile communication technologies. The program is based on the use of innovative technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), new generation data analytics and traffic management systems, obviously along with 5G networks. Advanced video surveillance and crisis management services with biometric recognition that identify port staff and people in transit, buoys equipped with waterproof devices and sensors for environmental monitoring of the port area, remote control cranes, systems for real-time tracking of logistics operations and massive exchange of information between the various infrastructures. And more: acceleration of loading-unloading of goods, remote control of the area’s logistics systems, interconnection of cameras for the control and use of infrastructure. These are just some of the innovations that have been introduced into the port thanks to the 5G network. The network will guarantee maximum speed and represents the ideal platform for standardised communications without interruption because it does not distinguish between vehicles, human beings and implanted sensors as they all share the same access technology. The goal is to revolutionize transport logistics with solutions that allow seamless activity. In the ports where this experimentation is active, these are creating real case studies useful as models for other European ports, whether they are in the operative platform Corealis or not.

We are sure of one thing: the introduction of this infrastructure will allow production contexts to optimize timing, therefore impose increasingly unsustainable rhythms and work-loads. It will also allow capillary control of the worker throughout the working day. Their gestures, movements and timing will be traceable at any moment. Moreover 5G is the support base to give a further thrust to the process of automation, which in time will lead to the loss of thousands of jobs. All this is being imposed under the banners of environmental sustainability and workers’ safety. But we well know that the only interest of the bosses, profit, is pursued for its own sake and never for social usefulness or goals such as workers’ safety and environmental healthfulness.

The State’s interests: social control and war

Another aspect to be considered when we talk about the 5G network is its implication in the control of individuals. The G5 network is in fact an infrastructure required for the development of Smart Cities: intelligent cities, where, thanks to the Internet of Things, objects are connected and communicate with one another in real time in a seemingly inviolable setting. All this cannot fail to damage individuals’ autonomy (already now very limited), as they will not only be more and more dependent on devices for the management of their routine, but will also be controlled by them. In France, in spite of popular opposition, companies have managed to install Linky meters in homes, capable not only of measuring usage but also of gathering information on residents’ habits, attitudes and movements.

Besides reaching the intimacy of domestic interiors, control obviously is also articulated in urban space: cameras with biometric facial recognition technology, already used experimentally in the airports of Roma Fiumicino, Milano Linate and Malpensa, drones that control urban areas, billions of transmitting objects, sensors, microcells and thousands of new satellites that relentlessly transmit information into space.

For example in Genoa, Porto Antico entrances are monitored with five state-of the-art cameras purchased on the market by Leonardo, which allow to control access and highlight “anomalies”. Thanks to the speed and performance of 5G, high resolution video streams are transferred in real time from cameras and sensors to a data centre, where video-analysis algorithms based on artificial intelligence make it possible to calculate the number of people (People Counting) present inside a ‘virtual’ perimeter in the area of Porto Antico, their density (People Density) in specific areas and, in perspective, to identify dangerous or anomalous situations and behaviours.

The Smart-city is precisely a project of social engineering. We are talking about fortress-cities of the rich, where the poor and the undesirables are pounded by a low intensity war which doesn’t concede them any space outside ghetto-neighbourhoods. Where life is reduced to production and consumption. Where there is no intimacy because every aspect of life is observed and registered. Where sociality is experienced by means of devices. Where the possibilities of opening up spaces of conflict are more and more rare precisely because they are hampered by a new architectonic arrangement that sees and knows everything.

Last but not least is the application of 5G in war scenarios

Like many of its sisters, this technology was actually born in a military context. The kind of waves (millimetric and microwaves) used by this network are used to locate the enemy (radar) besides being an actual weapon of war (Active Denial System). Military experts believe that 5G will play a decisive role in the use of hypersonic weapons, i.e. missiles (also equipped with nuclear warheads) that travel faster than Mach 5 speed (5 times the speed of sound, i.e. 1.6 km/s). These weapons fly very high with unpredictable trajectories and can easily elude existing anti-missile defence systems. To guide them it is necessary to gather, elaborate and transmit huge quantities of data within a very short time. So the same is necessary to activate defence systems in case of attack with similar weapons. As there is no human time to make a decision, the only possibility is to rely on 5G automatic systems. This technology will also have an important role in the battle network. In fact it will allow military units and individuals to transmit information on ongoing operations and contingents to each other in real time. The real potential of G5 will be its impact on the war network of the future. This will involve an increasing number of systems, less expensive, more connected and resilient, capable of operating in a battle scenario in rapid evolution. 5G will increase the lethality of the killer-drones, of war robots, allowing them to identify, follow and strike precise persons according to facial recognition and other characteristics. The fifth generation network will also be of fundamental importance for the secret services and special forces because it will be possible to have more efficient systems of control and espionage than those currently in use. The millimetre wave (a high frequency spectrum with short wavelength) will also be perfect for the creation of military bases and smart command posts. In fact these structures need strong signals, but which do not spread too far as the enemy could intercept them.


The regime propaganda presents the 5G network to us as an opportunity for us all. It is important to publicly denounce the real applications of this technology, a technology far from the needs of individuals and society. People die every day in workplaces because safety conditions are lacking, health is a luxury item and those who can’t afford it die of cancer in a waiting list for a consultation.

Bridges collapse and those responsible sleep peacefully because their profits are guaranteed. Migrants drown in the sea and if they are lucky enough to reach land are locked up in the State’s concentration camps (CPRs) where all kinds of abuse is perpetrated. The population in Africa and the Middle East die under the westerners’ bombs.

We are facing an unprecedented social and environmental crisis. The world’s oppressed and exploited have no use for G5. That is why it is important to return to sender yet another product of much-vaunted progress. Because opposing the 5G network means opposing an idea of the world. A world that lives off the indiscriminate exploitation of the many for the benefit of the few. A world based on war, orchestrated by an algorithm. A world where the device prevails over social relations. A world where human solidarity is supplanted by selfishness. A world where life depends on mechanisms which are not known and cannot be governed. A world where autonomy is crushed and there there can only be delegation.

Pisa, January 2020

This document is a very first attempt to analyze the 5G network and its applications and is therefore incomplete.

In the port of Livorno there is another project “Logistics of the future in Sustainable Smart Ports”, promoted by Ericsson, TIM, Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei, Porto di Livorno, Consorzio nazionale interuniversitario delle comunicazioni (Cnit), Adsp Mar Tirreno Settentrionale aimed at reducing Co2 emissions, again through the use of the 5G technology.

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