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Racist Europe gives commands, the coast guard has blood on its hands

Throughout the first half year of 2020 a lot of things that where already set in motion been brought to the next level. With a brand new floating fence and an extension of the covid-19 related measures in Moria the greek goverment continues this escalation. Looking back at the first half of the year we can safely conclude that the greek goverment and their european sponsers have done everything in their power to make the situation for migrants as worst as possible. The continued tolerance of the situation and practices of the greek goverment by the european “community” is not a suprise. Slowly we are seeing the true face of the people in power. As the events follow eachother, seemingly forever escalating to a level that is worse then the previous. And in silent apathy the “community” shakes it’s head and continues. When will it end?

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook page.

Since covid-19 has sweeped the world, the goverment has taken full advantage of the situation to make the lives of the people on the move much harder. It has taken only symbolic measures to protect the people living in Moria, but did not do anything to improve the notoriously inhuman and unsanitary conditions in the camp. Instead, they have chosen to extend the lockdown in the camp time after time, while life on the rest of the Island has returned to some semblance of normality. Despite multiple campaigns to get people from the Island to be tranferred to multiple countries in europe, only less then a hundered minors got actually transferred. The european line is clear: We don’t care, let greece do the dirty work. And the dirty work they do. In an effort to clear the Islands, people who where given refugee status have been evicted from their homes with no support and told to move to the mainland. Once arrived on the mainland, people end up in the camps around Athens. From one prison to another, despite being awknowledged as refugee. To deter people from trying to find safety in europe, the hellenic coast guard have become more and more bald and aggressive in pushing back boats. There are many groups active on the island have written about the increasing pushbacks that are taking place. But it cannot be said enough: Pushbacks are attempted murder. Last week 4 people drowned as a result of being pushed back, and they are not the first and they will not be the last. These activities are the result of years of racist right wing propaganda, that has infected every layer of the different european society’s.

In the age of hybrid warfare, drone strikes, endless poleresation and internetbots encouraging racism there is still always a human cost. The greek goverment announces it’s policies, knowing full well that they will have lethal consequences. The games being played on higher levels, the decisions taken on european level in brussels in meeting halls, offices and the corridors of power all have a human cost. It’s easy to lose perspective as the consequences are being twisted to fit a narrative that makes it appear as though the sufffering and death of others somehow protects you interest. It’s always easier to look the other way.

Let’s not. Get Angry. Get Organised.

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