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Communique: Machi Celestino Cordova announces that he is continuing hunger strike

So-called Chile, Wallmapu: Communique by Mapuche prisoner Machi Celestino Cordova about his hunger strike.

Originally published by Noticias Anticarcelarias.

Communique Machi Celestino Córdova

To the national and international public, to our Mapuche people-nation, to the traditional authorities, to the communities in resistance, to the non-Mapuche people that resist and struggle.

To all of the Indigenous peoples of the world.

Kiñe: Regarding the call to end the hunger strike from the regional governor, Víctor Manoli, we declare the following:

First, we must remember that this call is part of the deceitful political maneuvering of the government. We already have the experience of Machi Celestino Córdova’s last hunger strike in 2018, where in a consensus of Mapuche spiritual authorities of the different territories, it was agreed upon in good faith, to suspend the hunger strike answering the call of the government.

On that occasion, the government didn’t fulfill the call made for dialogue and to favorably resolve our demands.

Due to the strength of Machi Celestino Córdova, he has decided to continue with the hunger strike, intensifying the different actions in demand of our rights, which means that he will soon also stop consuming liquids.

We are not willing to compromise with the deceitful policies of the state and government of Chile. We make a widespread call to all of the sectors and territories in resistance to continue advancing, intensifying the struggle, doing whatever you feel is necessary.

Likewise, we call on all those deprived of their freedom to support the hunger strike through different actions. With this, we give an ultimatum to the state and current government that they respond to the current demands.

Epu: Regarding the recent transfer of the Trangol brothers to a CET.

Once again it is clear that when it comes to Mapuche political prisoners, the Chilean state and government constantly exercise reprisals, irregularities, and different restrictions both against us as well as our families and those around us.

If today the Mapuche political prisoners, the Trangol brothers, have been transferred to a CET, it is precisely because we have been publicly denouncing the behavior at the institution, like that of the Gendarmerie of Chile.

We will take this transfer as a step forward in the application of Convention 169 of the OIT for all of the other Mapuche political prisoners and non-Mapuche prisoners related to the Mapuche cause who are deprived of their freedom in different prisons.

Freedom to all political prisoners!

Machi Celestino Córdova, Spokesperson, Family and Network of Support


July 3, 2020

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