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#Stuttgart, #Germany: Banner-Drop against #G20 trial

Stuttgart. Germany. In the next few days the so-called “Elbchausee” trial is to come to an end in Hamburg.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

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The determined protests against the G20 summit in 2017 in Hamburg have symbolically shown worldwide that tangible resistance is also possible in the heart of capitalist power.

For this purpose, individual examples are now to be set in order to intimidate and weaken the left and revolutionary movement.

By means of forms of action, class justice tries to divide the legitimate and necessary protests against crisis-ridden capitalism.

With the help of media incitement, they are now trying to expand the surveillance and police state and prepare for future clashes.

The bourgeois judiciary is being used by the rulers as a tool to secure their power.

But we will not let the rulers dictate to us how protests against them should look. Instead, we will continue to fight for a world in which planning and production are carried out collectively and democratically for the good of all.

This morning, just before rush hour, we hung a solidarity banner on a bridge next to Stuttgart’s main railway station.

We greet the defendants and wish all of you a lot of power!

Fight in solidarity – united we stand!

Freedom for all political and social prisoners!

Here is the combative trial statement of the accused Loic (German):

Homepage of the solidarity campaign United we stand:

Homepage of the Rote Hilfe (Red Aid):

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