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#Thessaloniki – #Libertatia squat: Solidarity to the struggling Kurdish people and the social spaces under fascist attacks

On Wednesday the 24th of June a protest took place in the area of Favoriten in Vienna, organized by Kurdish feminist groups regarding women rights, which was attacked by Turkish fascist that belong to the “Grey Wolfs” and the ruling party in Turkey, “AKP” of president Erdogan. Later on, the participants of the women rights protest were assaulted once more just outside the EKH (Ernst Kirchwerger Haus) social center and subsequently, on the same day there was a spontaneous antifascist gathering in front of the building, which houses -amongst others- a Kurdish organization.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

The following day, on the 25th, there was a call for an antifascist rally in front of the EKH anew, aiming to shout out the shared opposition of locals and migrants against fascism and nationalism. As a response 250-300 fascists attacked the EKH with stones, bottles and firework and attempted to enter the building, but were repelled by the tenants. Concurrently, the police were just observing the attack, doing nothing. The following day several rallies and solidarity action took place in the area, that were followed by clashes between fascists and antifascists.

These assaults on the one hand are illuminative about the cohesion of fascists around the world and on the other about the targeting of the infrastructures of the movement. We stand side by side with the Kurdish people and their just cause as well as with the Turkish revolutionaries who are being framed and who are fighting against the fascist-parastatal groups and the totalitarian tactics of the Turkish state, whether they be in Kurdistan or other countries in which Kurds and Turkish fighters reside. Furthermore, we declare our solidarity in the EKH social space, which has been also targeted in the past by local and foreign fascists. We have not forgotten the support that this particular social space has shown to Libertatia squat and it’s Rebuild struggle -in the recent past- by hosting solidarity events.



Libertatia Squat Thessaloniki, July 7, 2020

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