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So-called #Chile: #Mapuche Hunger Strikers Remain in Critical Condition

The situation of the Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike has become critical in the face of the government’s indifference, especially that of the head of the Justice portfolio, Hernán Larraín, who in his hands has the powers to unlock the situation since a large part of the claims refer to regulatory measures of the prison system depending on the political and administrative will.

Originally published by Noticias Anticarcelarias. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

The situation has been classified as laziness, considering the 13,321 inmates who were released from prison between March 18 and May 31, in the midst of the coronavirus health crisis, which is equivalent to a third of the people currently deprived of liberty in Chile, of whose total number of inmates released, almost 8,000 were convicted and more than 5,000 were accused, whose motives, among others, have been changes in precautionary measures, conditional liberties and the application of commutative pardon, as reported publicly at the beginning of June of this year, the judicial prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Lya Cabello.

Another very serious fact is the abandonment of Mapuche prisoners while the government has established various measures and efforts to free criminals who have committed crimes against humanity during the military dictatorship and who are being held in Punta Peuco and Colina where former military personnel are being housed. and state agents.

Likewise, state agents who have murdered Mapuche people in recent years in a democracy, such as those responsible for the death of Camilo Catrillanca and that of former officer Marco Treurer who killed Alex Lemun, have been released, as has happened with who from the Carabineros intelligence units have committed police assemblies to accuse Mapuche people, as was the case of “Hurricane”, such as Álex Guillermo Smith Leay, who was ordered to be arrested on June 22.

Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike

On May 4 of this year, in the Angol Penitentiary Center, a hunger strike began: Sergio Levinao Levinao, Víctor Llanquileo Pilquimán, Juan Calbucoy Montanares, Juan Queipul Millanao, Freddy Marileo Marileo, Danilo Nahuelpi Millanao and Reinaldo Penchulef Sepúl; and in the Temuco Penitentiary Center, the machi (traditional authority) Celestino Córdova Tránsito, with inmate Antu Llanca joining on May 18.

The werken (spokesman) of the Mapuche prisoners from the Angol prison, Rodrigo Curipan, has been pointing out to various media outlets that it is urgent and necessary to create a high-level and decisive roundtable in which the Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraín, participates, given the power it has to apply Convention 169 and unlock this hunger strike.

The main demands raised by the strikers are related to the change of precautionary measures and the fulfillment of their sentences in their communities under articles 8, 9 and 10 of Convention No. 169 of the International Labor Organization, on indigenous peoples and the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples.

It should be noted that the situation of the prisoners on hunger strike has become critical, including some unable to get up for medical checks because they are weakened and in poor condition, as in the case of Víctor Llanquileo Pilquil in Angol prison, according to a report by the Gendarmerie, Ord. No. 09.01.01 / 173220, of June 28, there are other cases that have had to be urgently admitted to hospital centers with severe decompensations.

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