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So-Called #Chile: #Mapuche Political Prisoners in #Lebu Begin Hunger Strike

So-called Chile. Mapuche political prisoners in Lebu prison join hunger strike of Mapuche political prisoners in the prisons of Angol, and Machi Celestino Córdova in Temuco. A statement by the Mapuche political prisoners in Lebu prison.

Originally published by Notocias Anticarcelarias.

Mapuche Political Prisoners in Lebu Begin Hunger Strike

As Lavkenche (coastal) Mapuche political prisoners incarcerated in Lebu, we share the following:

To our Mapuche people-nation, to the Mapuche lov and communities in resistance, to the Chilean people:

Kiñe: Today, July 6, at 12:00pm, we eleven Mapuche political prisoners in the Lebu prison began a liquid hunger strike in support of our brothers in the prisons of Angol, and Machi Celestino Córdova in Temuco, who today complete 64 days on hunger strike.

Epu: We begin this hunger strike after a long process of discussion which we have carried out inside the Lebu prison, along with witnessing the dignified resistance of the Mapuche political prisoners of Angol and Temuco. As Mapuche political prisoners, we cannot remain indifferent to the process of struggle and resistance that our people and prisoners are engaging in different parts of Wallmapu.

Qüla: With this hunger strike, we demand that the government fully comply with the petition of the Mapuche political prisoners in Angol, and Machi Celestino in Temuco, in virtue of Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization. This convention permits the freedom of our brothers, even more so now in this time of a pandemic.

Meli: We begin this hunger strike with the dignity of our weichave, which has been demonstrated in each act of resistance, and with the newen (energy) that each lov gives in the recuperation of land.

Kechu: We salute all the lov in resistance, our traditional authorities, pu lonkosmachiwerkenes. To our pu papaichachai and pichikeche. To continue with the weichan until our Mapuche national liberation.

Kayu: Fachiantü amulkunuafiyiñ may kiñe futxa chalin femgechi chalikunuafiel ta iñ pu che weychatukelu kom wallmapu mew, ta iñ pu reñnmawen ka ta iñ pu lovche, pewmagele may doy newentuñmayaiñ, doy yafuluwaiñ fantenpu mew. Kiñe futxa piwke chalin werkunuafiyiñ fachiantu: ¡newentuaymun pu peñi mülelu carcel de angol mew!, ¡newentuaymi machi Celestino!, ¡eymun ka kom tamun pu che!, fachiantü inchiñ ka konküleiñ tufachi huelga mew, doy rekuluwaiñ femi!

Mapuche political prisoners in Lebu:

– Eliseo Raiman Coliman
– Matias Leviqueo Concha
– Carlos Huichacura Leviqueo
– Manuel Huichacura Leviqueo
– Esteban Huichacura Leviqueo
– Guillermo Camus Jara
– Cesar Millanao Millanao
– Orlando Saez Ancalao
– Damian Saez Saez
– Robinson Parra Saez
– Oscar Pilquiman Pilquiman.

Free all Mapuche political prisoners!

Out with the forestry companies, hydroelectric projects, mining, yanakonas and all capitalist expressions in our territory!

¡Amulepe Taiñ Weichan!

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