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[A] Infoshop: Growing unrest against right-wing government with authoritarian, neoliberal and nationalist intentions in #Slovenia

Slovenia. A report about the current wave of protests in Slovenia by the comrades of [A] Infoshop, an anarchist social space/infoshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Originally published by [A] Infoshop Facebook page.

July 6. 2020. Antireport for international comrades from Slovenian unrests, that in the middle of march, because of the virus started with drumming on balconies, went on the bicycles and ended up on foot, against the right-wing government with authoritarian, neoliberalistic and nationalistic intentions.

Around 10.000 people are still gathering every Friday in the capital and more than 25 other cities; but also on other occasions, manly connected with environment and culture or for example in solidarity with people fighting against racism in USA. Manly not on bikes any more. There are 3 bigger groupations – anticapitalist, cultural and environmental block that are collaborating in solidarity. All local/autonomous groups of anarchist federation – Federacija za anarhistično organiziranje (FAO) are involved.

After regime media attacks on the protesters, individual repression and general repression of the police government instrumentalize neo-nazi groupations to confront the protesters.

But we as anarchist stay strong and with the people! We didn’t let that regime would divide protesters on good and bad – on one occasion there was a lot of protesters coming dressed in black to be in solidarity with anticapitalist block that was previously targeted. We manage to resist the repression – there is big solidarity support with repressed; also quiet big and divers protest in front of the central police station on the night when police take few people into custody happened. And the last attempt to establish pro-government protests with nazi groupations (wearing yellow vests as a symbol) was successfully suppressed – with our effort and also the effort of the liberal civil-society general public rejected nationalistic manifestations as such – only 40 nazis showed on their protest, against more thousands of people standing together against them.

And one of the very important places of coordination between protesters are Open assemblies initiated by the anarchists.

In solidarity!

[A] Infoshop, July 6, 2020.

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3 thoughts on “[A] Infoshop: Growing unrest against right-wing government with authoritarian, neoliberal and nationalist intentions in #Slovenia

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