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#Amsterdam: Keizersgracht 318 re-squatted

Amsterdam. Netherlands. On Thursday a building has been re-squatted at Keizersgracht 318 in Amsterdam. This Sunday afternoon the squatters announced their presence.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

A statement from the squatters:

Since some time we are living in the building at the Keizersgracht number 318. Today we make our presence known.
The building has been vacant for years. In 2015 it was also squatted. Back then it got evicted pretty quickly, because the owner claimed to still use it. Looking at the state of the building, that wasn’t very apparent. Later, in 2017, the owner got caught illegally demolishing the monumental interior of this building. The municipality decided to put a building stop on the building. It was prohibited for the owner to do anything else with the building, before the monumental interior was rebuild to its original state.
Now, 3 years later, nothing has changed. The building is still empty, nothing has been restored, and the decay continues.
All this while the homelessness numbers in Amsterdam are rising, the rents are skyrocketing, the waiting lists for social rent are getting close to 20 years and hotel after hotel is being build.
For us, reason enough to start using this building, we want to have a house!

A lot of people showed up for the action, and the 1.5 meter rules where creatively enforced. With ropes and banners, the streets where occupied.
The police came to ascertain the fact that the building was squated. The squatters where told that for now, the police will not take action. The squatters heard this one before, so they will not let their guard down.
If you want to pass by to help barricade, clean, occupy, have a beer, you are more then welcome.

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