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#Berlin, #Rigaer 94, July 13: Alarm again in the northern part of the district

Berlin. Rigaer 94. At the moment, there are strong police forces, construction workers and securities in the area. Alarm, now it’s getting exciting!

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

Word of mouth info:

Now it is being decided whether the police will take responsibility in the conflict over Rigaer94 and carry out the eviction operation, which began on Thursday and is to be continued today. At 8 a.m. first the so-called Lusche, the new shady alleged property manager, arrived. He and his lawyer Bernau wanted to gain access to the house by force, which failed because of the human chain in front of it. His physical attack was answered accordingly. Then immediately masses of cops arrived, who had already been conspicuously inconspicuous in the neighborhood before, but avoided the street in front of the 94. There is at least one riot squad, if not two again in action. At the same time, construction workers and securities arrived. The construction workers called on residents to “one to one”. It was reported that among them are some who have Combat18 tattoos. They and the cops had to notice that there was a new, massive entrance door. So for the moment, the intrusion into the house was stopped. According to information obtained, the police command at the highest level, i.e. the police chief, is currently advising. Nothing will happen until the chief of police takes responsibility. What happens then will bring clarity about the operation that started on Thursday. Was it a coup attempt by the middle level of police authorities or a well planned action by the political leadership in an attempt to make everything look like a coincidence. The lies will come to an end.

In contrast, the rage against the attackers on our solidary cohabitation is endless!

Prepare for anything, friends, this is serious!

The latest information, shortened to a few characters, can be found on the @rigaer94 twitter account:

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