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#Berlin, #Rigaer94: Statement on the deletion of the video of a person of the squad that was supposed to destroy our house on behalf of the cops

Berlin. A statement by the Rigaer 94 squat on the deletion of the video of a person of the squad that was supposed to destroy their house on behalf of the cops.

Originally published by Rigaer 94. Translated by Enough 14. Image above: Some of the damage after “Construction” workers and cops went into Rigaer 94 last week.

On Tuesday, July 14, we released a video on Twitter, which has fallen into our hands through research. This video was created by one of these people for Instagram and shows him and his colleagues in front of our house. The content shows that they are aggressive machos with contacts to the Hells Angels. They are holding the tools in their hands which they used on Thursday and Friday to demolish the Rigaer94 on behalf of the cops and threaten the lives of our people in the house.

We decided to delete this video, which had tens of thousands of clicks within a very short time.

Our main purpose in releasing the video was to show who was involved in the massive attacks against our house. Every person who makes him/herself the henchman of cops, interior senators and investors should not only be aware of the direct consequences, but also of the effects that an “outing” can have. The public sphere we were aiming for has been reached.

But we don’t want to have anything to do with what is reflected in the comments below the video. They take pleasure in the level of education of the people shown, and in a defamatory way they insinuate a prison past. The comments are roughly at the same level as the AFD spectrum. It seems that some keyboard rebels feel good if they can give their own life an “extra value” compared to another life. Most likely the same group of people who use “Hartz 4” TV to enhance their own person from the sofa. The comments are mostly deterrent, although they are “liking” in our sense. They are simply socially chauvinistic.

The fact that a video, which apparently serves the majority of commentators to amuse them and confirm their own class superiority, achieves tens of thousands of hits in a very short time is only one of the countless events of a society of spectacle. We for our part do not want to be part of this society. Anyone who has followed our politics as a house, as a collective in recent years should know that we have never made a secret of where we stand in relation to this state, its class society and the “values” associated with it. The comments in the context of the video are above all one thing: an expression of this system. The authors themselves are hardly better than their victims.

Our hostility to the so-called construction workers who attacked our house comes from the fact that these people made a deliberate decision to work for the cops and the state. They sold themselves for a little money. They also tried to verbally humiliate the women of our rebellious community and made clear with their attitude that they were willing to carry out their mission with physical violence.

That’s why we defended ourselves against them and will continue to do so against such assholes.

Rigaer 94, July 16, 2020.

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